Research and Conservation

The Research and Conservation Department of Liberty Wildlife is dedicated to solving human/wildlife conflicts, conducting scientific research as well as providing specialized services involving native wildlife. The department has dedicated staff members along with contracted biologists with varying specialized areas of expertise in order to respond to any challenge pertaining to native wildlife.

List of Services Offered

  • All human/wildlife conflicts
  • Utility issues
  • Raptor nest removals/relocations
  • Wildlife monitoring/surveying/habitat assessments
  • Field Investigations regarding electrocution/orphaned animals/concerned citizens
  • Habitat restoration
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Wildlife/conservation education
  • Artificial burrow systems (ABS) for western burrowing owls
  • Artificial/supplemental habitat for desert tortoises
  • Wildlife mortality investigation: necropsy/gross medical exams
  • Development wildlife protection programs for companies and other organizations

Past/present/future projects:

  • Currently assist APS and SRP with their internal Avian Protection Plans; servicing both companies throughout the state with all human/wildlife conflicts, specifically avian electrocution and species identification through quality education.
  • Assisted AZGFD and the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society in the fall of 2007 with their 100th Desert Bighorn Sheep Translocation Project, assisting with the processing following capture and providing wildlife medical care.
  • Provided guided nature hikes and interpretations detailing native wildlife and vegetation for the 2007 and subsequent Tres Rios Nature Festivals.
  • Staff and certified volunteers assisted Transwestern Pipeline (and affiliated companies) with many wildlife issues during the Phoenix Expansion Project (installation of a natural gas pipeline), in early 2008.
  • R&C Department has been involved with the local college conservation group, CACSCB, for several years, supporting the group by participating in wildlife and conservation education presentations at ASU and affiliated sites.
  • Currently working with Southwest Behavioral in providing education and special request presentations to the staff, volunteers and clients.
  • Assisted Davis-Monthan Air Force Base with the removal of a Swainson’s hawk nest located adjacent to the base runway in 2005.
  • Services available to AZGFD and USFWS for any wildlife issues. During fire season, LWRF is able to be dispatched for the retrieval and care of all orphaned and/or injured wildlife during crisis situations.
  • Consulted with many developers and construction companies regarding burrowing owls since 2005.
  • Installed a successful ABS (Artificial Burrow System) for SRP at their West Valley Service Center in 2005.
  • Assisted with the installation of an ABS for APS outside the Redhawk Power Plant in 2003. LWRF solely monitored the success of this colony for 4 years.