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General and Office Supplies

Paper Towels (Kirkland) or any other brand
Hand Soap
Postage stamps
Staples, Fry’s, PetsMart gift cards
Manila folders (letter size)
Surgical Gloves
Planter Saucers (all sizes)
New  AAA, D, and 9volt Batteries
Printer Paper

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For now…
NO Dawn detergent
NO Heating pads
NO Bleach
NO Ziploc bags
NO notebook paper
NO pencils
NO paper clips
NO staples
NO scissors
NO binder clips

Equipment (Medical)

60 & 30 cc syringes
18, 21, 22, 23, 25 gauge needles
(¾-1” – 1” in length)
2” x 2” non-sterile gauze pads
Chlorexedine solution
Tongue depressors
Cover slips and slides
Biopsy jars
3” x 5” fluorescent green note cards
Portable anesthesia machine
Blood machine for in-house blood work
X-Ray developer machine (automatic)
Digital X-ray machine
Surgery lights
Brown Adsen thumb forceps
Olsen Hager needle holders
Digital thermometers

Equipment (General)

Digital camera
Laptop Computer for medical services use (post 2007 vintage)
Stools without wheels
Mammal control pole