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Unintended Visitor

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

When the fledgling United States was attempting to establish its identity, one of the key discussions was over finding something uniquely American that would be a fitting national symbol. The esteemed Benjamin Franklin famously advocated for the turkey, rightly calling it a noble, industrious bird. His argument against the bird that finally won out was that it was a scavenger and a thief, a creature unbecoming of a place as poster-bird for the national identity. He was, of course, talking about the Bald Eagle, and it is true that they not only happily scavenge carcasses but will readily steal food from other predators.
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Flight of the Condor | Monarch Butterfly migration is not a vacation
Birds out of water

By: Gail Cochrane,
LWL Volunteer

A fine end-of-the-day reward is time sitting outdoors, watching and listening to the sounds of nature. Birds provide ample entertainment. Quails, towhees and doves scratch for seeds and the tender leaves of annuals on the ground while mockingbirds, verdin and curved bill thrashers hunt for insects in tree tops and thin air. Occasionally a red-tail hawk soars overhead.
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Monarch Butterfly

By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Hundreds of bird species engage in anting behavior, including ravens, magpies, songbirds, great-horned owls, wild turkeys, and mockingbirds to name a few. Birds will either rub their feathers with a beak-held ant (and then eat the ant) or lie on top of an ant hill with wings spread in a posture similar to dust bathing or sunning, allowing the ants to crawl freely throughout their feathers. Why ?
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2013 August calendar

You're invited!

Scottsdale Hyatt Regency

When: Fri, Dec. 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and Jan. 2nd
Where: 7500 E. Doubletree Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (map)
Description: Flight program and presentation from 4 to 5 p.m. weekly

Verde Canyon Train Ride with Sonora

When: Sat, Dec. 6sth, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Where: 300 N. Broadway, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 (map)

Desert Rivers Audubon Society Birding Walks at Veteran’s Oasis

When: Sat, Dec 6th, 8am – 11am
Where: 4050 East Chandler Heights Road, Chandler, AZ 85249 (map)

The Nature Consevancy

When: Sat, Dec. 7th, 1pm – 2:30pm
Where: 49614 Hwy 60/89 Wickenburg, AZ 85390 (map)

Audubon Arizona

When: Sat, Dec. 13th, 11am – 12pm
Where: 3131 S. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040 (map)

Verde Canyon Railroad Booth

When: Thur, Dec. 17th, 11am – 12:45pm
Where: 300 Broadway, Clarkdale, AZ (map)

Desert Rivers Gilbert Riparian Birding Walks

When: Sat, Dec. 20th, 8am – 11am
Where: 2757 East Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234 (map)

White Tank Park Outdoor Adventure Family Day

When: Sat, Dec. 27th, 8am – 4pm
20304 W White Tank Mountain Rd, Waddell, AZ 85355(map)

Liberty Wildlife Volunteer Orientation

When: Sat, Jan. 10th, 9am – 10am
Please go to our website for more information and to submit an application.

For more information and the entire list of upcoming events, go to www.libertywildlife.org under “Events” to find our calendar.

By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

Hey Kids!
Lots of fun stuff for you to learn and do this month - Enjoy!

Did you know that many birds love to have ants crawl through their feathers? We aren’t sure why but watch these videos showing some birds “anting”.
Jays anting
Robins anting

You can find out a lot about our national bird, the Bald Eagle right here.

Ozzie and Harriet are back again this year building their nest and laying eggs. You can watch their babies hatch sometime in December or January. Check in often so you don’t miss it!
Ozzie and Harriet/SW Florida eagles live cam
Here are 2 videos about bald eagles:
video 1
video 2

You can create your own wildlife habitat in your backyard! It would be fun to find out how to do it.

- First, get to know which plants are native to your area.
- Next, find out what animals live near you.
- Finally, discover how you get them and other critters like insects to visit your   backyard.
- Want backyard feeder frenzy ideas. Click here

Here are two links to get you started:
Link 1
Link 2

Available books to help you create your own backyard habitat.
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