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Unintended Visitor

By: Gail Cochrane,
LWL Volunteer

As far as charisma goes, insects rank near the bottom of the animal kingdom heap.  Because they are foreign to us, insects strike most people as downright creepy.  It’s certainly easier to feel awe for a golden eagle than a blister beetle.

Yet, Douglas Tallamy states in his book Bringing Nature Home that among the 4 million species of insects on Earth, only 1% interact with humans in a negative way.  Tallamy points out that we need insects out there pollinating, returning nutrients in dead plants and animals to the soil, aerating and enriching soil, and providing protein-rich food for other animals.  Click here to read more.

Flight of the Condor | Monarch Butterfly migration is not a vacation
Curious Condor

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

It must be difficult being one of the biggest, strongest, most beautiful and widespread raptors in North America, yet never being noticed. One could argue that this kind of popular neglect has a tangible effect on their psyche: after all, the birds in question spend the better part of their nights wide awake, totally alone, sitting by themselves and asking over and over, “Who?“

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Monarch Butterfly

By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Birds are an efficient and natural way to keep your gardens and landscaping insect-free. During the spring nesting season, consider holding off on insecticides until those parent birds harvest bugs from your yard to feed their nestlings. While you wait for the baby birds to fledge, start your research now on homemade and natural insect repellents.

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2013 August calendar

You're invited!

Verde Canyon Railroad Booth in April

When: Wed, May 3, 10, 15, 11am – 12:45pm
Where: 300 N. Broadway, Clarkdale, AZ  (map)

Superstition Harley-Davidson

When: Sat, May 3, 10am – 1pm
2910 W. Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85120  (map)

Liberty Wildlife Volunteer Orientation

When: Sat, May 10, 8am – 9am
Where: Liberty Wildlife Facility
Please go to our website for more information and to submit an application.

Verde Canyon Train Ride with Sonora

When: Sat, May 10, 12:30 – 5pm
300 N. Broadway, Clarkdale, AZ 86324  (map)

Highlands Center for Natural History

When: Sat, May 10, 1pm – 3pm
1375 S. Walker Rd., Prescott, AZ 86303  (map)

The Night Run

When: Sat, May 10, 6pm – 9pm
Montelucia, 4949 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley  (map)

For more information and the entire list of upcoming events, go to www.libertywildlife.org under “Events” to find our calendar.

By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

Hey Kids!
Lots of fun stuff for you to learn and do this month - Enjoy!

WHO Word Search. Click here.

WHO Word Search Solution. Click here.

Great Horned Owl Coloring Sheet. Click here.

The Importance of Plants and Insects. Click here.

Listen to the sounds this great horned owl makes as it calls to another great horned owl in the distance. Listen so you can hear one sometime soon in your neighborhood!

Watch a great horned owl mom and her babies in the nest. Mom feeds the babies and they are starting to learn to fly.

How many bugs in your backyard? Be an insect detective!

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