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Fragility and Longevity

By: Megan Mosby,
Liberty Wildlife Executive Director

We have exciting news . . . Liberty Wildlife has been invited to be a part of the golf action at the 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open, through the tournament's Birdies for Charity Program. What a fabulous opportunity for us!

Brooders for Babies ~ Rescues to Releases
Cures for Critters ~ Compassion in Curriculum

Liberty Wildlife can do all of these things to help our wildlife neighbors if you will only give a hoot! Pledge a donation, large or small, to Liberty Wildlife in the Birdies for Charity pledge drive. Your small effort can grow into great good!

For more details, view the Birdies for Charity poster by clicking here.

To make a pledge, download the pledge form by clicking here.

MIgration | Education Volunteer
Swainson's hawk - a well-known migrator

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

There is something about darkness that remains frightening to us, even in our modern 24-hour society. We aren't meant for the dark. Because of this, creatures that do dwell in the shadows of dusk 'til dawn are naturally otherworldly; in many respects, the night is a different world, with different predators and different rules. Most birds of prey share our innate aversion to being alone in the dark. Diurnal birds have terrible eyesight in low light conditions, to the point of helplessness.

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Gail & Trick

By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Outdoor yard holiday decorations can be festive to celebrate different seasons and holidays, but they can also be dangerous for backyard birds. Understanding how outdoor decorations hurt birds can help you plan your decorations with the birds in mind, decorating in ways that will minimize any risk to wild birds, no matter what the season."

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By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

We're kicking off this month's KidsStuff with a poem about amazing bats!

Amazing Bats
Author Unknown

Amazing bats like to eat ---
Thousands of bugs for a tasty treat.
Flying through the moonlit air ---
Traveling here and traveling there.
Hibernating when the weather's cold,
Gathered with hundfriends, I'm told.
Many bats are endangered, I'm sad to say ---
There are fewer and fewer bats every day.
Be kind to bats, that's the thing to do ---
Tell your friends and your family too!

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