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Lead poisoning – Part 2

Lead poisoning

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

When a hunter shoots a deer, his bullet may fragment upon impact, sending slivers of lead into the surrounding tissue. This is an unfortunate side effect of what is otherwise a very beneficial occurrence: lead expands upon meeting resistance, and the expansion of the bullet as it travels through flesh results in a larger and more effective wound. These wounds are more likely to be fatal, rather than leaving an animal with a crippling, but non-deadly injury. The downside is that bullet fragments can easily get embedded in a deer's organs, the parts of the deer most commonly discarded by a hunter after dressing his kill in the field. Many animals, including birds of prey, routinely scavenge such gut piles, and a scavenging raptor, be it a small hawk or a bald eagle, is swallowing the very worst kind of death sentence if even a single bite has one of those fragments in it.

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Maybe a Snake Sighting  |  Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
Vibrant and vivacious mockingbird

By: Gail Cochrane,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

I told a family member that it's snake season now in Arizona. I told him when a rattlesnake comes into our yard, we lift it into an ice chest with our snake stick and carry it up the road to release it into the desert. In all seriousness, he asked, "Why wouldn't you just kill it?"

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By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

We are all familiar with this song title by George & Ira Gershwin containing the lyrics, "You like 'poe-tay-toe' and I like 'poe-tah-toe.'" There is just as much controversy and argument about the English pronunciation of some bird names. Referencing a selection of dictionaries and bird books, let's have a little fun and see how we differ. Keep in mind, there exist many common bird names that may be correctly pronounced in more than one way (the syllable upon which the stress falls is capitalized below):

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By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

Have fun this month!


See what you can find in this Snake Stuff word search:
Snake stuff word search
Snake stuff solution

Now that you know how to pronounce the bird names correctly, learn more about them!
Common Murre
Lazuli Bunting
Coopers Hawk
Northern Parula
Bewicks Wren
Can you find the rest of the birds from the article?

Color the gopher snake!

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