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The burrowing owl

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

Not every owl lives in darkness and hunts from above. One North American species is brave enough to walk around in broad daylight, searching for its next meal. That by itself is a sign of something special: they're walking. This species doesn't even live in trees; it doesn't need to. It's brave enough, and bold enough, to nest in the very ground itself, living in colonies with its brethren, going where no other raptor dares go. There are many species more commonly known, but are there any more unique? After all, they surrender the sky to master the land. That's a special kind of bird: a special kind of predator. That's the burrowing owl.

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Penny the Pelican | Wild Monsoon
Vibrant and vivacious mockingbird

By: Kristen Nicholson,
Nature News Teen Reporter

In November of 2011, a facility near Ft. Mojave found an adorable female white pelican that was blown off course and somehow ended up in Arizona. "Penny" was a typical sea bird, until she took a wrong turn and damaged her wing, making it impossible for Liberty Wildlife to set her free after they had rescued her.

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Ripening saguaro fruits

By: Gail Cochrane,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

To human residents of the low desert, the monsoon rains offer a welcome break from the heat, a lively show of lightening, thunder and water gushing across every surface. For some animals of the desert the monsoon storms create a window of opportunity to create life, bringing on frenzies of mating.

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The burrowing owl

By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

We continue to explore the where, how, and why of bird name origins.

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By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

Learn to draw an owl

How to Draw Owls.

Here's a burrowing owl puzzle to try:

National Geographic "The Little Owl" jigsaw puzzle

And, it's that time of year – Monsoon season!

Monsoon Time - Crossword Puzzle

See if you can find your way through this Pelican Maze!

Ask an adult to help you with scissors and see if you can cut and paste the labels onto the bird:

Bird Chart - Label the Parts

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