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Ten Mighty Easy Ways to Support Liberty Wildlife's Mission

By: Gail Cochrane

Hike into the desert now and discover a green carpet springing up to soften our landscape. The tender shoots are a result of the rains we received in December, and with luck, more moisture will fall in the coming weeks to further nourish these annuals. Winter rains fall on the Sonoran Desert as a result of seasonal troughs of low pressure over the western U.S. that push storms south along the west coast. The unsettled weather usually only lingers a few days. During that time, gentle rain soaks the soil, opposite in character to the summer downpours.

 A very brief history on the Christmas bird count / Birds that dont migrate

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

So often in our society, the rare and wonderful seem to trump the commonplace. The same goes in the animal world, at least when viewed from our perspective. What sighting matters more to the bird-watcher – the pigeon, or the bald eagle? The unusual or seldom seen has value over the “mundane,” simply because, well, “that’s not something you see every day.” Liberty Wildlife treats the gamut of birds, from the most widely recognized species, to the ones that you might never see up close. The thing to remember, though, is that commonplace doesn’t necessarily mean unspectacular.


By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Birders sometime appear to have their own language when hunkered down in the field pointing out a raft of ducks, a kettle of hawks, a flamboyance of flamingos, a dissimulation of birds or a parliament of owls.

By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

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