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Nurture the nature of Arizona

By: Megan Mosby,
Liberty Wildlife Executive Director

While you are working on your shopping list for the holidays and your end-of-the-year giving plans, here are ten ways that you can help us "nurture the nature of Arizona." We use your donations to accomplish amazing things. We have helped over 3700 animals in the past year. We provided over 720 educational programs across the state. We filled the orders for feathers for 1340 Native Americans to 38 states and 139 tribes, allowing them to practice their cultural beliefs and possibly saving the same number of birds from illegal takings.

Ten Ways That You Can Help Us Fulfill Our Mission

  1. Remember us when you make your end-of-the-year donations.
  2. Sign up to become a sustaining member of Liberty Wildlife by supporting us every month at whatever level works for you. See how you can do this by going to www.libertywildife.org.
  3. Support our educational ambassadors by making a donation to the AWE program by going to our website under "How Can I Help"
  4. Make a pledge to the Birdies for Charity fundraiser by logging on to our web site and following the pop-up prompt.
  5. Donate items to our annual fundraiser, Wishes for Wildlife.
  6. Sign up to host a table at the Wishes for Wildlife 20th anniversary on May 4, 2013. Visit our dedicated web site, www.wishesforwildlife.org.
  7. Do your holiday shopping at our store, www.libertywildlife.net.
  8. Buy a membership for family and friends as holiday gifts.
  9. Think of Liberty Wildlife as a beneficiary in your estate or trust.
  10. Ask about "green or workplace" giving at your place of work.
Red tails | Reclaimed water revives wetlands
Juvenile Red Tail Hawk

By: Greg Martin,
Medical Services Volunteer

Human beings seem to be stuck in a cycle, going forward while always moving in circles. We're close to December 31; suddenly, the calendar is going to change, and we'll find ourselves both someplace new (2013), and someplace we've all been so many times before (January 1). Tracking the arbitrary year is what makes us different from the animals. That's what helps us go forward, while the birds and the bees and everything else are always going in circles, always following the pattern of the seasons, always stuck in the same, endless loop. Animals don't have a way to mark progression, right? Birds, creatures built on the rhythm and flow of migratory life, certainly don't. Right?

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Water Brings Life

By: Gail Cochrane,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Most cities in Arizona are water-challenged. Human needs take priority even while the low desert’s rare riparian habitats are severely threatened. But the cities of Phoenix and Tucson have developed a novel approach for returning some water to nature. In a magical place west of Phoenix where three rivers once converged and native cottonwoods and willows flourished, where native birds congregated and migratory species dropped in for vital sustenance, water is being returned to what had more recently been desolate farmland. Against all odds, this former oasis is being brought back to its former glory by a most unlikely means.

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Birds vs. Buildings – Part 3 (Making your home exterior safe for birds)

Alerting patterns applied to the outside surface of glass

By: Claudia Kirscher,
Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

To minimize the risk of bird/window collisions as much as possible, use several internal and external strategies. Several tactics joined together will have the greatest results for preventing these unnecessary injuries and fatalities altogether.

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By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

A favorite activity for the holidays

"Build a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

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