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By: Megan Mosby, Executive Director

No matter how bad you want to get rid of a "pest," there are better devices to use than the sticky trap. At Liberty Wildlife, we see a lot of sad things come through the door. Recently a person brought in a sticky trap that was being used with the intention of trapping mice. A sticky trap or glue trap uses a synthetic or natural adhesive to supposedly stop the unwanted visitor in its tracks. These are best used indoors because the adhesive loses some of its effectiveness because of weather issues, but the damage that we have seen has come from inside and outside uses of the trap.

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By: Laine Seaton, Executive Director of Environmental Fund AZ

You Can Support Liberty Wildlife At Work!
Did you know that you can support the amazing mission of Liberty Wildlife at work. It's easy. We're a member of the Environmental Fund for Arizona (EFAZ), a diverse alliance of 28 environmental and conservation nonprofits all across the state. Similar to the United Way, EFAZ serves to raise awareness, volunteerism, and much-needed donations for Arizona's environmental causes - and to provide a "green" choice to Arizona employees in their workplace giving and community outreach.

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By: Claudia Kirscher, Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Arizona rivers have always fascinated me. Where are the headwaters? Where do they join other rivers? How have they changed the landscape, history, and lives of desert dwellers? How are they threatened? And, by the way, how did they get their names? Over the next few months, you and I are going to the library to search for the answers to these questions.

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By: Greg Martin, Medical Services Volunteer

Ravens are an oddity. They aren't raptors, but they can and will eat meat. They aren't passerines, but they help themselves to a variety of sustenance as eclectic as any mixture of seed. Liberty's ravens eat mice, dog food, eggs, and cheese. Sometimes they get grapes. It sounds like an odd diet for a bird the size of a hawk, but in the wild world, ravens will eat whatever they can get, wherever they can get it.

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By: Carol Suits, Volunteer Coordinator

1. Baby Bird Maze-See if you can make it to the finish line!

2. Ravens Coloring Page

3. All About Ravens Puzzle-Can you solve it?

4. All About Ravens Puzzle Solution-Check your answer!

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