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By: Terry Stevens, Liberty Wildlife Operations Director

In early 2000, our longtime education peregrine falcon, Jedi, succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer. He had done well for several years but now he was gone and we actively searched for a replacement ed bird. Almost immediately, a peregrine was located at the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group in California that seemed perfect for Liberty.

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By: Deborah Downs, Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

Although most of the articles under "My Favorite Bird" feature birds from the Education program, I want to focus on another group of birds that are found on the Rehab side of the facility. Rehab's cute baby birds make it into the publications regularly along with beautiful snapshots of once-injured birds being released and flying free. Unfortunately, some of the birds that were vital in helping these birds recover can never be set free.

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By: Greg Martin, Medical Services Volunteer

Harris' hawks are like the wolves of the sky, embracing a lifestyle that seems so radically different from the image of a stoically solitary raptor surveying nearby fields for signs of its lunch. Native to the desert Southwest and large parts of Central and South America, Harris' hawks live in matriarchal family groups numbering as many as seven birds, and as they live, so do they hunt.

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By: Claudia Kirscher, Liberty Wildlife Volunteer

On a recent kayak trip with Liberty Wildlife volunteers down the Lower Salt River, I took a closer look at the shoreline with invasive species in mind. The most common non-native plants of concern in the Salt River/Verde River areas are Giant Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, Giant Reed, and Tamarisk/Salt Cedar.

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