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By: Greg Martin, Liberty Wildlife Medical Services Volunteer

There is more to caring for baby birds than simply knowing what they eat. Why, for instance, do some hatch blind and helpless, while others are covered with down and literally able to walk away as soon as they make it out of their eggs? That question is answered by the nature of its species' existence.

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By: Terry Stevens, Liberty Wildlife Operations Director

On June 8, 2006, a bedraggled-looking little barn owl baby, obviously already imprinted on humans, arrived at Liberty Wildlife. He had been found and kept at another facility for several weeks and they were not as prudent about keeping their distance from the baby owl ergo the improper imprinting.

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By: Mona Berrier, Liberty Wildlife Educator

My first glimpse of Amelia came at feeding time, as I watched her perched on a glove busily plucking quail feathers and plastering them to Anne's shirt. She is such a charismatic bird that, in spite of her surrounding mess, I vowed that I would someday feed her myself. The time came unexpectedly when I was asked to do the Don's Discovery Camp program on my own, as there was no one else to go with me that day, and upon my return to Liberty, my reward was feeding Amelia!

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Only 310 shopping days left until the holidays! Last month we talked about ways to cut food waste and make our holiday meals more environmentally friendly. This month, let's talk about the Xmas tree - what goes on it, under it, and what happens to it when the holidays are over.

Liberty Wildlife's fourth annual motorcycle run is coming up, and its proximity to Bike Week should make it a huge success. Come join the fun and help fulfill our mission to nurture the nature of Arizona! Please check out this flyer if you want to learn more about a most exciting opportunity to help Liberty Wildlife.

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