Where Are They Now? – June 2011

(cont…) His wings developed folding fractures, or “bendy-bone” disease which permanently caused his wings to be malformed into a pronounced droop. This led to his being named “Igor” after the stooped assistant in Frankenstein.

Igor as he is today

But with all these physical deformities, he seemed very personable, ultimately trainable, and soon became an educational ambassador, a favorite of both educators and the kids to whom he was introduced at presentations. He was a very good example of how not to rehabilitate wild raptors and why, when found, they should be cared for by facilities like Liberty. Over the years, Igor was a true star, going to hundreds of presentations, at one point even appearing in a People Magazine article standing on the thrust levers of an America West Airlines 757!

Then, sometime around the early 2000s, Igor’s personality made an abrupt change, as sometimes happens in long-lived GHO imprints. It was soon obvious that he was becoming aggressive to humans, especially males. He then was moved from education duty to that of foster dad. This role, in which he is still cast today, proved a perfect match for his senior temperament and he is fiercely protective of the young owlets placed in his charge. They will now be imprinted properly and grow up to be master hunters, avoiding humans whenever possible, and living long lives at the top of their food chain.

Igor (left) in People Magazine in 1995

Igor: Onetime orphan, former child star, currently senior role model for hundreds of future apex predators!


2 Responses to Where Are They Now? – June 2011

  1. Susie Vaught says:

    What a star!

  2. darlene fitchet says:

    These flashbacks are really making me feel old. Seems like it was just 1987 when he came in as a juvenile

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