Sticky Traps… Torture Chambers in Disguise

(cont…) The way it is designed to work is by applying an adhesive on a piece of cardboard with bait placed in the center of it. The target animal is lured to the bait and gets stuck on the incredibly strong adhesive. That is when it all goes bad. Here’s why.

The target animal is often not what is caught on the trap. We have had towhees, cactus wrens, lizards, hummingbirds, ground squirrels, a few mice, and the other day a young king snake! The trap doesn’t kill the animal outright – which might be OK if it were just the target animal (a mouse infestation, maybe, and there are much better ways to deal with that). No matter how much you hate the mouse, having it starve to death or chew or tear off a leg is unacceptable!

It also appears that most often once the trap is installed, people forget to check it, so the suffering continues because the trapped animal struggles, and struggles, and struggles until it dies from stress, pulled-off legs, tails, paws, or anything they can chew off in order to free themselves….to their eventual peril, no doubt.

In the case of the little king snake, it was hopelessly stuck. The more it struggled, the more stuck it got, and still with no avenue of escape, it would eventually exhaust itself and die of dehydration or starvation if stress didn’t get it first. Fortunately it was found and brought in to us still attached to the trap. Some sudsy water and gentle scrubbing finally set it free from the board, but the stickiness persisted on its scales, causing it to continue to stick to the substrate that it found itself on. Several scrubbings later, it is free of adhesive and is free to live a long and healthy life away from the presence of the torture chamber.


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  1. I learned all too late about sticky traps. I hung one on a tree branch, near where my chickens live, to help control flies. I have horses too. I never thought (and I should have) that a bird would get stuck on there. I’ve never used anything like it before, but was reading on a site that sells all sorts of fly traps, that this one works great. One morning, I noticed a beautiful hummingbird was dead on the trap! I am such a bird and animal lover and I was just sick when I saw that. Well down came all the sticky traps! Being that there are 8 horses right behind me, I was just trying to keep the fly population down. Never did I dream a bird could get caught in it. So of course I will never buy any more,
    Thanks for telling others!
    “In His hands is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” Job 12:10

  2. deb brewster says:

    my office uses these sticky traps. we’ve found that vegetable oil works well with removing non-targeted critters. and yes of course they have to be monitored.

  3. Pam Kohnken says:

    I have found that simply putting vegetable oil on the sticky “paper” will loosen the glue. Simply poor some on the bottom of the trap and gently rotate the trap so all sides are “oiled” and the animal can be removed. I have done it for sparrows and field mice.

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