No Dishwashing Required

(cont…) How about 100% compostable utensils and plates for your summer picnics? There are several companies that make these products. One is World Centric, sold at Sprouts, Whole Foods Market and Sunflower Farmers (to name a few). Their products are made from plants, not petroleum. Utensils are made from corn and plates from discarded wheat straw, not trees (and they are gluten-free). They donate 25% of profits to grassroots social and environmental organizations. They plant trees to offset any carbon footprint, and their product box is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard. How great is that!? For more information about their various products, visit their website at (Palo Alto, California).

If you like to comparison shop:

For renewable resource products or those with recycled content (e.g., post-consumer recycled PET bottles, recycled polystyrene, sugar cane tableware):

For more environmental tips and sustainable solutions for a healthy planet, visit:


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  1. Carol Marshall says:

    Great info with the holiday weekend and picnics fast approaching!

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