Invasive Species Along the Waterway

Tamarisks lining both sides of three river


Invasive species, whether animal or plant, once established in the wild, are likely to cause environmental harm.  They remove food and nutrients from the water, thus depriving native plants.  They can crowd out native species and promote fire and flooding.  They can lower stream flows and water tables, increase soil salinity, and displace native species.

I decided to become better educated on these threats and found some websites well worth checking out.  Find out what you can do to help preserve and protect our native plants and waterways:

Finally, I must mention the “other invasive” seen around all Arizona waterways – trash!

Please remember to pack out what you pack in.  If you must use Styrofoam, take it home with you and recycle where you can along with those plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  Pick up the monofilament that you find so that birds and animals do not get tangled.   Dispose of those inflatable water toys in a garbage can; don’t let them drift off downstream.  A little effort has a big reward in keeping our rivers, streams, and lakes clean and beautiful.


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  1. Barb Delve says:

    Claudia… If you do another kayaking trip, let me know! I love to go!!

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