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This brings me to an aspect of donation that you may not have thought of: monthly on-line banking donation. How does this tie to Liberty’s efficiency and frugality? It automates and streamlines the donation process, at low cost. In my case, it made the process painless and to my great surprise, added up to a sizeable donation. Let me share my own experience.

In 2005, I made a pledge to the capital campaign of $7,500. Recently I asked Liberty’s bookkeeper whether I’d met my pledge. Turns out I had, to the tune of $14,000. Now, $4,000 of that was in more traditional annual donations of $1,000 to $1,500. But the rest of it came from monthly donations, first $125 and then $150, to the point where those amounts have accumulated to $10,000. Wish I’d been so consistent with my own savings.

Also to my surprise, I see from Liberty Wildlife’s website that I now qualify for naming rights for flight cages and mews ($10,000 each). It will be so great when the new building is completed, and I can name part of it in honor of someone special.

My bank allowed me to set up the date of withdrawal and amount. The only thing I needed from Liberty was the mailing address:

Liberty Wildlife
PO Box 14345
Scottsdale, AZ 85267-4345

This monthly giving plan wasn’t promoted by Liberty. In fact, Liberty spends almost nothing on self-promotion. In contrast with other charities that seem to pitch me monthly in the mail, I’ve never received a straight solicitation from Liberty Wildlife. Welcome newsletters and invitations to events, but not solicitations. Forgoing those is just one more way Liberty saves money.

Please consider establishing a monthly donation for Liberty. Just $6.50 per month will buy an entire bag of mealworms in no time at all.

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