2014 March – Dragonfly Day Celebrates River Restoration


Gail - Spotted Skimmer


Roosevelt Dam tames the Salt River and provides a reliable source of water for the Valley but leaves the riverbed dry.  Over the years, the banks of the former waterway became lined with sand and gravel pits, landfills and industrial areas.  In 1993 the City of Phoenix initiated a restoration study of the blighted Salt River corridor. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers filed the review.  Matching funds for construction were approved by the federal government, allowing the City to move forward with the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration.  Now shady pools of water reflect mature native trees, while birds, insects and mammals flourish in the rare riparian environment.  This 595-acre desert river habitat will be the front and back yard of Liberty Wildlife at the River.

Come learn how the water that’s making such magic in the desert is drawn from a non-potable aquifer under the riverbed itself.  Over three million gallons a day is pumped to the surface where it supplements runoff from 22 city storm drains.  This water source supports a wide range of wildlife and percolates back through the soil to the aquifer.  Come and find out what this water means to you.

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