2013 November NN – Holiday Gift Ideas


Elliot is one of our most popular education birds.

Elliot is one of our most popular education birds.

One of the most awe-inspiring of all is Hedwig the great horned owl. Staring into the fierce yellow eyes of this big gorgeous owl is a life-changing experience, and Hedwig seems to know it. She is a tremendous ambassador for her species, the epitome of great horned owl adaptations for survival.

Perhaps your gift list includes children. The kestrel Elliot is a dazzling morsel of eye candy chock-full of character. Elliot meets your gaze with an intelligent look that takes in your admiration and acknowledges, yes, I am handsome. He turns a bit on the glove so you can admire his charming qualities from every angle, always eager to please and impress. Elliot is the perfect entry-level raptor.

Maybe the person who has everything has an unexplored jones to experience the sponsorship of a turkey vulture. Bailey has been at Liberty Wildlife for 27 years, and countless admirers have learned about the marvelous adaptations of turkey vultures and their important role in the wild from this one bird. He’s an institution around here.

Consider adopting Rio, a rare zone-tail hawk with a great big personality. This bird suffers from folding fractures, a condition that develops when a baby raptor is fed an improper diet, usually by a well-intentioned person. Rio is a favorite with education program audiences as well as the education handlers.

Anazasi is a stunning golden eagle who also has folding fractures, hers so severe that she was unable to stand as a baby. This impressive animal with an inspiring story has been given another chance at Liberty. She carries an important message to education programs where admirers take in her great beauty and learn the grave risks posed to raptors kept in captivity by those not licensed to care for them.

The spunky bald eagle Chief had a rough start at life and deserves adoption and adoration. Maybe the Harris’s hawk Lance stole your heart at a recent free flight performance. Perhaps you’re one of the legions of Acoma fans. This incredible red-tailed hawk has been teaching folks about hawk behavior for 27 years.

The education birds at Liberty are all non-releasable due to the nature of the injuries that brought them to the facility. They will live out their lives in comfort here, pampered by staff and volunteers and fed a carefully calibrated diet. But it costs plenty to care for them so they may star at education programs where the public learns about their habits in the natural world. Not only would an AWE adoption be a unique and heartfelt gift for those dear to you, it would also greatly benefit Liberty Wildlife. Call 480-998-5550 to start shopping!

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