2013 June Nature News – Summer fun on the river




Within a few short weeks into summer, our waterways, rivers, and lakes are bursting at the seams with people enjoying a rare and precious commodity in the desert – water.

On the Salt River, for example, they come for a picnic, a BBQ, a little swimming or tubing or paddling. At the end of the day, they pack up and go home. Unfortunately, not everything brought to the river goes home or into a trash can.

The first photo in this article was taken at the beginning of a summer season on the Salt River. The second photograph was taken at the end of the season in winter.

There are several businesses and organizations that work diligently to remove carelessly discarded trash on our waterways and lakes, but they need your help. Please do your part and remember to pack out what you pack in. If you must use Styrofoam, take it home with you and recycle where you can along with those plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Pick up the monofilament that you find so that birds and animals do not get tangled. Dispose of those inflatable water toys in a garbage can; don’t let them drift off downstream. Take your leftover picnic foods home, not in shoreline garbage cans where it becomes an unsafe draw for wildlife.

A little effort has a big reward in keeping our rivers, streams, and lakes clean and safe for wildlife and for your future enjoyment.

To learn more about the history of the Salt River, the wildlife found along its shores, and some of the threats it faces, go to Liberty Wildlife, Nature News Archives, July 2011 and September 2011.


Photo Credits:
Sue Williams
Leah Vader

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