2012 May – Let’s call the whole thing off


Accipitor [a type of hawk] (ak-SIP-it-ter)
Bendire’s Thrasher (BEN-die-ers)
Bewick’s Wren (BUICKS, like the car)
Botteri’s Sparrow (BOT-er-eyes)
Common Murre (MUR, rhymes with fur)
Crissal Thrasher (KRIS-uhl)
Gyrfalcon (JER-fall-ken or JER-fal-ken as in pal)
Lazuli Bunting (LAHZ-uh-lie or LAZ-uh-lie)
Northern Goshawk (GAHS-hawk)
Osprey (AH-spray or AH-spree)
Parula [a warbler] (PA-ruh-lah, NOT pa-ROO-lah)
Plover (PLO-ver or PLUH-ver)
Pyrrhuloxia (PEER-uh-LOCK-see-ah)
Rose-throated Becard (BECK-erd or buh-KARD)
Sabine’s Gull (SAB-inz)
Smooth-billed Ani (AH-nee)
Vaux’s Swift (VAWKS)

And lastly, Pileated Woodpecker (PIE-lee-ate-ed or PILL-ee-ate-ed) – your choice!

Excerpts and quotes from “Pronounced Burd” by Kurt Radamaker & Michael A. Patten, Birding Magazine, April 1990. Used with the express permission of Mr. Radamaker.

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