2012 December – Birds vs. Buildings – Part 3


Feeders mounted on or close to window panes

Feeders mounted on or close to window panes

  • Design landscaping to keep birds away from your building’s façade. Collisions are more likely to occur on windows that reflect vegetation.
  • Go stand outside your windows and look in.  If you can see your Indoor plants, so can the birds.  Look for reflections, transparency, black hole/tunnel or pathway effect.
  • Placement of bird feeders, outdoor plants, and indoor plants can be critical.
  • Place feeders either very close to your window (less than 3 feet) to minimize velocity of impact or further way (greater than 30 feet) and adjacent or offset from your windows.
  • Prevent reflection with awnings, overhangs or louvers.
  • Provide visual clues to alert birds to presence of glass and reflective exteriors.
  • If using window decals, use the  2 x 4 rule – most birds will not attempt to fly through horizontal spaces less than 2 inches high or through vertical spaces 4 inches wide or less.
  • Patterns applied to the outer surface of glass are far more effective than applied to the inner surface.  Researchers have found that patterns covering as little as 5% of the total glass surface can deter 90% of strikes under experimental conditions.

Examples of products available to help prevent bird/window collisions:  WindowAlert (silhouettes);  CollideEscape (window film);  The Bird Screen Company (a variety of screen materials);  Ornilux Bird Protection Glass

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