About Us

Liberty Wildlife Board of Directors

Richard Hayslip  (Chairperson)
Kathleen Lang  (Vice-chairperson)
Emil Burr
Peggy Cole
Cay Cowie
Tom Henze
John Melamed
Megan Mosby
Kathryn Orr, DVM
Phil Schneider
Lori Singleton
Ken Vegors
William Weese, M.D.
Tracey Westerhausen

Honorary Advisory Board

Richard Adkerson
Missy and Lyle Anderson
Don Budinger
Richard Burnham
Victoria and Rod Granberry
Sharon and Ollie Harper
Bob and Karen Hobbs
Nan and C.A. Howlett
Craig Jackson
Terry Goddard
Rich Rector
Richard Silverman
Vern Swaback
Patti and Ken Vegors
Louis A. “Chip” Weil
Deborah Wilson, M.D.
Julie Wrigley

Director Emeritus

Darlene Fitchet

Wildlife Guardians

Peggy Cole