About Us

Our Vision

Liberty Wildlife envisions a time when wildlife is recognized as an integral part of our natural world, and a precious natural resource, to be protected and preserved.

Liberty Wildlife envisions being a permanent community resource, a place to instill compassion and stewardship in young minds and a place to reconnect the public with the beauty and benefits of native wildlife and habitat.

Liberty Wildlife envisions a time when the community as a whole participates in the safekeeping of the natural world.

Our Mission

To nurture the nature of Arizona through wildlife rehabilitation, natural history education and conservation services to the community.

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Volunteers at Liberty Wildlife

View a slide show of the process an animal goes through at Liberty Wildlife, from the discovery and initial call from the public, the dispatch of a rescue volunteer, the examination by medical services volunteers, the care provided to rehabilitating animals by daily care volunteers and orphan care volunteers. And finally, let your heart soar with the release of the animal to the wild.

Click here to see a releasing of a Bald Eagle into the wild.

Our New Home

For a progress update on our new home click here.

Join Our Capital Campaign

Help us realize our dream by joining foundations, corporations, and individuals in creating Liberty Wildlife’s new facility. This is a way to leave a legacy to help native wildlife for future generations.
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