This Week @ Liberty – January 16, 2017

 Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Megan Mosby -  Managing Director

Megan Mosby -
Managing Director

Saturday we officially became part of the American Kestrel Partnership, a project of the Peregrine Fund. Biologist Kurt Licence of Arizona Game and Fish and Brian Grimaldi installed our very own kestrel breeding box with the hope that we will be able to attract a pair of kestrels this breeding season. Kurt explained:

The American kestrel (Falco sparverious) nestbox project is

Kurt and Brian  work on the kestrel box

Kurt and Brian work on the kestrel box

 an effort to utilize citizen scientists and research partnerships as the primary driving force to monitor trends in Arizona’s kestrel populations. This project is proposed in response to population declines and unreliable data across much of North America and Arizona as documented by US Geological Survey’s Breeding Bird SurveyNational Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, nestbox monitoring programs (Smallwood et al. 2009), and Raptor Population Index (migration counts). This project will contribute more reliable data on kestrel demography in Arizona and utilize a valuable and free resource of citizen scientists.

According to Kurt The process will be to reduce the activity in the area around the box, monitor it with binoculars and hope a lucky pair of kestrels take a liking to it. If a pair does use it, we will need someone to use a ladder to peek inside about once a week after we strongly suspect eggs have been laid.

So, there you have it. Keep your fingers crossed that a pair of kestrels locate the box, grab the territory and start doing their kestrel thing. It will be great fun to observe the process. It will be great to encourage the productivity or the species. It will be great to have pretty little falcons taking on the insect and rodent population in our hood.

Wait, watch, wonder!

This Week @ Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens - Operations Director

Posted by Terry Stevens
- Operations Director

The intake total is now at 79.

We’re slowly whittling away at the stuff that has to be done concerning the move. Next weekend we’ll be going back to the Scottsdale operation to salvage some more small items (and some larger items – like a couple of enclosures!) In the meantime, we finally have the walk-in freezer up and running and WOW, it is C-O-L-D! We’ll be adding some wheeled racks this week so Alex has a place for all the frozen food we order and go through each month. We acquired another golf cart to facilitate movement around the new campus, and we have installed a kestrel nest box on the Peace Trail fence. The Education team is going full speed with outreach programs, and the guided tours began last weekend. Plus, people are finding the Elwood St. address and bringing in injured animals which are logged in at the new intake window. As Sonny and Cher used to say, “The beat goes on!” (For the Millennials out there who don’t know who they were, go ask your parents!)

Joanie and peregrine

Joanie and peregrine

The injured peregrine is still under treatment. It seems Joanie is always deeply in conversation with the birds she holds on Vet Night. She obviously has a great “nest-side” manner…!

Lainey and Candace rescue a cottontail

Lainey and Candace rescue a cottontail (photo by Kathy – the mother)

Cotton tail swimmer

Cotton tail swimmer

Two very concerned young wildlife enthusiasts brought in this cottontail rabbit yesterday. They found the bunny in their backyard and when they went to pick him up, he jumped into the pool and was swimming away when they rescued him. He was placed in a brooder to dry off and warm up in. He will be examined during Vet Night on Tuesday afternoon for any further treatment and care. – Nice job girls!


Kurt and Brian install a home for kestrels

Kurt and Brian install a home for kestrels

Brian checks the box

Brian checks the box

Kestrel box installed by Kurt and Brian. See the story above in HHH.


The freezer is freezing

The freezer is freezing – REALLY!

Frozen food

Frozen food being organized by Daily Care Coordinator Alex

It’s finally freezing! Not outside, but in the walk-in freezer that Tim and I assembled last summer. Something we have needed for a long time, this modern high quality unit was  purchased from a company in New York that makes this type of freezer for the U.S. Navy. We can now get food in sufficient amounts to obtain quantity discounts on frozen quail, mice, fish, and other food for our rehabbing birds and mammals.


Horse Sense show

Horse Sense show (photo by Linda)

Doris displays a peregrine

Doris displays a peregrine (photo by Linda)

Linda Scott writes: “Horsense is a 5 week program for 4 and 5th graders that takes place at Old McDonalds Ranch in Scottsdale.  The program is a partnership between Old McDonald’s Ranch, Healthworld, Scottsdale Charros, and the Scottsdale Unified School District   Through their equine program and guest presenters Horsense teaches kids about respect, responsibility, development of character, and making good choices. The Liberty Wildlife Education program has been  honored to participate for several years.” 

Marko and Sherrill have an eager audience

Marko and Sherrill have an eager audience (photo by Kelly)

At another show this weekend, Marko with Hedwig, Sherrill with Veto presented at the Outdoor Family Adventure Day at White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Liberty is almost always the biggest hit at these and any shows we attend.


New golf cart

New golf cart

To supplement our “fleet” of electric transport vehicles, this road-legal golf cart was donated by Doris and Mike Pedersen who are Florida Gator and Washington Huskie fans (obviously!). It arrived from Goodyear last Friday and after some small modifications (removing the golf bag holders and adding a passenger seat) will provide a great  addition to our inventory of useful equipment at our new larger facility.

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