This Week @ Liberty – January 02, 2017

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Megan Mosby -  Managing Director

Megan Mosby -
Managing Director

Writing the date is my first real recognition that the new year is upon us….and as the old saying goes…it is out with the old and in with the new.  Never has that saying had as much meaning to me as it does this year. It feels so gratifying to look at our accomplishments, to recollect our move, to settle into our new home.

In the process, some things didn’t make the cut and therefore, didn’t make the move and that is okay.  It is a time of looking at what is working and what isn’t and realizing that it is okay to jettison things that need to be let go of, although the decision process isn’t ever easy.

We have done our molting and shedding and are now all shiny and new.  Yay!

Now the job is to look around and see how we can become the very best version of our new self.  How can we do our job better on behalf of the natural world and its inhabitants.  How can we better serve our clients, YOU, how can we charge forward and allow our mission to succeed.  We must be the very best that we can be in everything we do.  That’s all.

We need to all commit to renewing our sense of purpose, to being stronger in body, mind, and spirit.  We need to set our standards high and strive to reach the heights.  That’s all.

And when all is said and done, we need to look ourselves in the eye and decide if what we have done, are doing and will do, will in the end make a difference.  That’s all.

So, I plan to clean the clutter out of my life.  I plan to see what doesn’t look like it is working as well as it should and mindfully go about chinking away at the deficits.  That’s all.

Will you join me in this endeavor?  What I do know is that we are better as a team than solo.  And, if you do choose to join the team, who knows what kind of cool stuff we could accomplish.

Say yes, that’s all.

And, Happy New Year to each of you.

This Week @ Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens - Operations Director

Posted by Terry Stevens
- Operations Director

The intake total for this week is now 3.  The final intake tally for last year was 6583!

The year has turned and we again set a record for the number of intakes. The down side is in the last couple of weeks, we took in four California condors (yeah, it’s hunting season again…) We’re still trying very diligently to get the message out to responsible hunters to strongly consider changing to an alternative to lead ammunition. Hopefully no one thinks we are anti-hunting or anti-shooting, but we are really committed to removing lead from the environment and the major source of this element in Arizona is bullet fragments. We will continue to speak on this topic as long as the major cause of death in the Arizona population of California condors is lead poisoning.
Most of this update is on the four condors that arrived in the waning weeks of 2016 although I also put in a couple of more upbeat pics to start the new year. Hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season.

The first two condors arrive (photo by Laura)

The first two condors arrive (photo by Laura)

Lead poisoning is a cruel, painful sickness

Lead poisoning is a cruel, painful sickness

Tim and Alex help jan hang the IV fluids

Tim and Alex help Jan hang the IV fluids

Dr. Wyman and Jan begin to administer the anesthesia

Dr. Wyman and Jan begin to administer the anesthesia

Alex holds the condor as the anesthetic takes effect

Alex holds the condor as the anesthetic takes effect

Sara supports the intubation line and the bird's head

Sara supports the intubation line and the bird’s head

Dr. Orr opens the crop as she is watched intently by some young future volunteers

Dr. Orr inserts the intubation tube as she is watched intently by some young future volunteers

We now truly have a "surgical theater" to watch the rehabilitation as it occurs

We now truly have a “surgical theater” to watch the rehabilitation as it occurs

Each year at Liberty Wildlife, the start of the hunting season heralds the arrival of sick California Condors, each with some elevated level of lead in their blood. The usual first sign on this is “crop stasis” wherein the involuntary muscles that force food from the crop into the stomach cease to function. They are hungry and will eat, but gain no nourishment as the food never gets to where is can be processed. By the time they are brought in to us, they are seriously underweight and dehydrated, a condition that only exacerbates the effects of the lead. Without treatment, the bird will certainly die. The chelation treatment, which can take weeks or even months, involves administering an element into the bloodstream to which the lead will bind. The lead is then excreted by the kidneys, lowering the lead level over time. It is hard on the animal and sadly, some condors have been through the procedure more than once. And it is ALL preventable if people would just use ammunition other than lead…


Anasazi (with Max) accepts a donation from Jackie Lee and Cornerstone Advisors

Jackie Lee presents a donation from Cornerstone Advisors  to Anasazi (and Max)

A former volunteer at Liberty, Jackie Lee, contacted us recently in regards to her efforts to obtain donations for Liberty. She works for Cornerstone Advisors which allows each employee to select a charity which then receives $750. Along with her personal donation, she convinced 8 other Cornerstone folks to donate to us as well and was therefore able to bring in 9 checks for $750 each. Two of the people who selected Liberty live out of state – in New York and Texas!  Thank you to Jackie, her friends, and Cornerstone Advisors for this generous donation!


Christmas goodies in the Volunteer breakroom

Christmas goodies in the Volunteer breakroom

Part of what makes Liberty Wildlife work year after year is the team spirit of our volunteer family. This shows up as a wonderful array of snacks and goodies brought in not just at Christmas time, but throughout the year. There always seems to be an endless supply of cookies, candy, and cakes, many of which are home made. (No wonder it’s not easy to lose weight around here!) Thanks to everyone who for these thoughtful treats that we all enjoy!


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  1. Abby Nickerson says:

    Miss you guys and all the critters! So great to still see the updates……and so fun to see everything happening at the new facility! Excited to visit on my next trip back to AZ. Sending lots of love from Seattle!

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