This Year @ Liberty – December 26, 2016

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Megan Mosby Managing Director

Megan Mosby
Managing Director






This Week @ Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens - Operations Director

Posted by Terry Stevens
- Operations Director

The intake total is now at 6552.

I have once again strung together some of the visuals from this past year, our 35th and final year at the Scottsdale facility. The memories of what took place on that small piece of ¬†Earth over the past three and a half decades will stay in our hearts forever. It could never be adequately recounted in a 2 minute, 32 second video, so I just picked, almost at random, some of last year’s TW@L photos to represent our final few months there. From here, we march proudly into the future…

Please enjoy it, and have a very Happy New Year from TW@L, HHH, and all the wonderful volunteers and staff at Liberty Wildlife!

This Year @ Liberty 2016

(click this link for video)

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