This Year @ Liberty – 2015

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Megan Mosby - Executive Director

Megan Mosby – Executive Director


Megan is taking a well-deserved holiday break.

HHH will return next week in 2016!



This Year @ Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

Posted by Terry Stevens

With three days left in 2015, the intake number has now reached 6564.

Historically, I do a year-end slide show with a brief review of some of the pictures from last year and this year is no exception. But it occurred to me as I was assembling the slides that within a few months, we will be moving into our new facility on the Rio Salado and our home for the past 34 years will mostly be a memory for us. As we move boldly into the future, let’s take a short look over our shoulders and remember the times we spent here in Scottsdale, both the happy and the heartbreaking; reflecting on all the lives we have saved here and returned to the skies of our beautiful state; and all the men, the women, and especially the children in whom we have instilled an appreciation for wildlife and nature.

                                          Click here for This Year at Liberty – 2015

Happy New Year from TW@L!



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