This Week at Liberty – July 21, 2014

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Here’s another way to have a great time and help out Liberty Wildlife…a win-win for everyone…except hopefully the Colorado Rockies (sorry Rockies fans).  In conjunction with Resource Center Italiano (RCI), Liberty Wildlife will have a booth on the concourse for the Sunday afternoon game on August 31st.  We have tickets to sell which will result in funding for Liberty’s mission.

If you are going to be in town Labor Day weekend and want to have fun supporting Liberty Wildlife, RCI and the Diamondbacks go to the link below and buy a ticket.  There are several prices for a variety of seating choices…and come to see us at the game.


Click on the image below and enter the promo code: LIBERTY

DB logo

*No returns, refunds, exchanges or upgrades on any tickets.  All tickets based on availability.

For any accessible seating or groups of 10 or larger, please contact your D-backs Rep Daniel Ingold

at (602) 462-4226 or

Five Simple Steps to Order your D-backs Tickets:

    1. Click on the logo (or here) and search for tickets by selecting the game of your choice located on the event page.
    2. Enter your special offer code: LIBERTY and click to verify
    3. Search for tickets based upon quantity and price.  You will have the ability to select the best seats available (blue sections & blue dots).
    4. Access the offer by creating your own personal account and password (unless you already have a D-backs Ticketmaster account)
    5. Complete transaction and print your tickets – no need to wait in line or pick up your tickets elsewhere.

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year is now at 3845.

Released on July 17: 6 cottontails, 39 doves (various), 4 curved-bill thrashers, 2 Say’s phoebes, 3 finches.

Believe it or not, last week the pace of intakes slowed a bit, possibly because it was so hot very few people ventured outside and fewer interactions between humans and wildlife occurred. In any case, it was good to take a breath from the non-stop activity of the previous few months since we have now taken in 111 more animals than the entire total for last year. Even though it was really hot in the Valley, a few members of the Education Team did our first “Reptiles on the Railroad” program for the Verde Canyon Rail Road recently.  We also got to see the arrival of one species that had never before showed up at our facility (see below) and as she made a quick (2 hours!) pass through before she was released, I was lucky to be able to record it. We are starting a promotion with the Arizona Diamondbacks (see HHH above) so help us if you can!

Work progresses on "Eagleville" in the east forty...

Work progresses on the eagle area in the east forty…

As Justin Timberlake might say on SNL, "Bring it on down to Eagleville!!

As Justin Timberlake might say on SNL, “Bring it on down to Eagleville!!

Even with Liberty Wildlife on the Rio Salado moving towards fruition, we are still improving the existing facility for the near term. Several modular structures to be used for eagle housing are nearing completion on the east side of the campus and it looks great! Joe Miller is doing an outstanding job with the help of a couple of other skilled volunteers and it’s a place of which we can all be proud.


"Reptiles at the Rails" 2014 (photo by Ellen J. D. Roberts - VCRR)

“Reptiles at the Rails” 2014 (photo by Ellen J. D. Roberts – VCRR)

Kids loved the desert tortoises at the VCRR display (photo by Ellen J. D. Roberts - VCRR)

Kids loved the interactive desert tortoises at the VCRR display (photo by Ellen J. D. Roberts – VCRR)

Normally the Education Season is officially closed for the summer due to excessive heat. But recently a few of our Ed Team members did a program up at the depot for the Verde Canyon Rail Road with all reptiles. Since the are active in the heat, there was no danger for the animals, especially the desert tortoises who seemed to enjoy interacting with the kids. A small temporary enclosure was set up on the grass in a shady spot and the children were able to watch them up close as they roamed freely in the pens. They also got to see and touch the snakes letting them see how cool and beneficial they are.


Spiny lizard with horse induced injury

Spiny lizard with horse induced injury

Beautiful scale coloration

Beautiful scale coloration

This beautiful spiny lizard arrived last week presenting an injured tail…well, actually, a missing tail! It seems he was stepped on by a horse.  Luckily the rider saw the accident transpire and rescued the little guy and brought him to us for treatment. He’ll  be released soon and should be none the worse for wear.


John inside the grate (photo by Balinda)

John inside the grate (photo by Balinda)

The trapped "bird" at the end of the tunnel (photo by John)

The trapped “bird” at the end of the tunnel (photo by John)

OK, we’ve all been there (or at least those of us who have been doing rescues for 20+ years.)  “There’s a bird trapped in the storm drain!  You can hear it!” goes the call. John Glitsos and Balinda Fortman got that call last week.  I’ll let them tell the story:

Balinda and I got a rescue call for a “bird stuck in a storm drain” this afternoon.
Scottsdale Police and Fire had just left when we got there.  The caller was saying, “they just want to get back to the station!  They said its a frog just to get out of here!”  She was absolutely certain that what she heard 75 feet away in the storm drain was a bird.
So, four people to pry up the grate, and one idiot to crawl down the drain pipe on hands and knees, for over 45 minutes (one way) through spider webs, sludge, mosquitoes, and floating cigars (please don’t correct me, I am positive those were cigars)… and what do we discover?
I had to pass him and go to the far grate to turn around (the pipe was only about 24 inches in diameter) so I took this picture with my cell camera on the way back out…  Thank goodness the light at the end of the tunnel is, in fact, the light at the end of the tunnel!!
By the way, we told the frog to carry on, not feeling the need to rescue him.  In fact, he probably should have rescued us from ourselves! (Balinda said I should have mentioned the bloody hands (the grate fell on my hand) and the cut up knees from the gravel on the bottom of the sludge….  I disagree!  Then you will think I am a genuine idiot – not just a pretend idiot!!!)  The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind…  “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!” ( extra points for anyone who remembers where THAT came from!)


Temporary visitor

Temporary visitor

Beaver getting assessed

Beaver getting assessed

It takes a lot of people to handle a rodent this big

It takes a lot of people to handle a rodent this big

Chewing on the towel

Chewing on the towel

The famously impressive tail

The famously impressive tail

Last Tuesday Carl Price brought in a fairly small but very rare visitor to Liberty Wildlife – a female beaver! It seems the police found her wandering through a parking lot on the south end of Scottsdale not appearing to be navigating well with no water in sight.  Carl got her into his carrier and brought her in where she was assessed and determined to be free from injury – just lost. We put her into another carrier and I drove her back to an appropriate site (classified for her safety) and let her go.  Then trail of happy bubbles as she swam away under the surface of the water made me smile after the muscle-straining task of holding her for the exam!


Fire hydrants are in

Fire hydrants are in – looking west from 28th street.

Work on Elwood Street is progressing as the utilities are now being installed along the road. Our new address, 2600 East Elwood Street, is moving forward! In the next couple of months, we’ll have maps and instructions on the easiest ways to access the new facility from any direction. Stay tuned!

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  1. Megan Mosby says:

    The quote mentioned was from Andy’s Gang, with Andy Divine sponsored by Buster Brown Shoes. So there!!!

  2. Gail says:

    So many great stories this week! Liberty Wildlife is truly a one of a kind organization!

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