This Week at Liberty – December 30, 2013

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….Megan and Libby

Last blog of the year, last chance to call your attention to some important things that will help support our mission, last chance to help us grow, help more animals, better serve the community with wildlife and natural history needs, last chance for you to give and see a benefit in your taxes.

If you haven’t already been nagged into doing this, please go to our web site,, click on the pop up (which will very soon disappear), and make a pledge for Liberty Wildlife for the Birdies for Charity fund raiser.  If we accrue either the most money or the most number of pledges (which will be collected in the spring), we earn an opportunity to strut our stuff, spread our mission, wow the attendees at the 2014 Waste Management Phoenix Open.  We were able to make an appearance last year, and we were a huge hit!  Our message has gone international as well as increased right here at home, because or you!  Let’s do it again this year.

Also, please, it isn’t too late for you to give to your favorite non-profit, Liberty Wildlife, and take a deduction on this year’s taxes.  You can pay through a check, a drop off at our window, our on line store, a call to the office, 480-995-0230 and charge to your credit card….we will make it oh so easy for you, and we will both reap the benefits of your generosity.

And, let’s not forget our capital campaign to build our new facility on the Rio Salado.  This is a chance for you to be a part of a pretty wonderful thing.  Help us spread our wings, be open to the public, care for more animals in a more expedient way.  Help us enrich an area of the valley that has so much potential to become a showplace for students, tourists, community members, and wildlife in need!

If you happen to be a first time reader, I would like to direct you to our web site to get a recap of all of our accomplishments this year.  You can look at our archived publications starting with This Week @Liberty, Hoots, Howls, and Hollers, or our monthly e newsletter, Nature News, or our annual magazine, WingBeats and our Annual Report.  It won’t take long for you to discover how your donations are spent.  Check out the numbers of animals helped, students of all ages educated, the assistance to corporations, agencies and the public with wildlife interface needs, and you will quickly realize that without Liberty Wildlife’s programs including our Hotline and Rescue and Transport group, the accomplishments of our award winning Non-Eagle Feather Repository the wildlife needs of the community would be greatly and negatively impacted.

So, if you can give, do it now…what are you waiting for….there are so many ways to help, and now is the time.

We thank you in advance for your willingness to help us drive our mission to new heights.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

This Year at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year (with one more day to go) is now at 3734. OK, the year is almost over, and believing that one should never change a winning game, I thought I’d keep up the practice of putting together a slide show of some of the pictures from the past year’s TW@L.  There is no particular theme except trying to represent some of the highlights (and a lowlight or two) from the year.  The pics are mostly in order  from the beginning of 2013 to this month.  I hope everybody enjoys it. Happy New Year to all!

This Year at Liberty 2013                                                                                               (click here for animated slide show)

Happy New Year from TW@L!

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  1. Peggy Cole says:

    Beautiful, Terry…thank you!

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