This Week at Liberty – April 29, 2013

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Liberty Volunteer Craig Fischer brought to my attention that last week was Points of Light’s Volunteer Appreciation Week.  Points of Light is the “world’s leading volunteer organization “whose mission is to connect people to their power to create positive change and address the critical needs of our community”.  They aim to empower people to take actions that change the world.

This made me think about the importance of volunteering at Liberty Wildlife.  It is empowering to the volunteers.  It allows so many people to create a positive change not only for the community but for the wildlife that is a huge part of that community.  Ultimately volunteering creates a positive change for each person who comes out in the hot or cold, who spends hours traveling to do educational programs, rescue and transport animals in need, or to spend time on the phone as a first line of assistance to people with wildlife issues.  These are the volunteers who are relatively public.  But, there are so many people who give of their time to help this organization….the unsung heroes that quietly go about doing their parts.

One of these greatly impactful groups is our Board of Directors.  They come to meetings, deal with issues concerning fiduciary responsibilities, policy, fund raising, and other ways to keep us safe and sound from an administrative point of view…all of this using the experiences they have from their “non-volunteer” lives.   I personally couldn’t survive without them.

Our Wildlife Guardians who spend a year putting on our main fund raiser of the year, Wishes for Wildlife.  (It isn’t too late for you to participate in this year’s May 4thevent…..put together a table, come with a friend, take part in a fabulous evening with treasures to behold.  See attached invitation.)  They beg from their associates to bring in items for our incredible silent and live auction.  They attend to the plethora of details that it takes to put on a huge event.  They have been doing this for twenty years…bless their souls!

Our veterinarians perform surgeries, check out wounded eyes, pin broken bones and diagnose unusual maladies….all in the seclusion of their private surgical suites…no fanfare, no glory…just the satisfaction of knowing that they helped.  And, there is a myriad of other silent soldiers, too many to name, who volunteer to help our mission.  They have decided for all of their individual decisions to live a purposeful life beyond their careers and families.  They have chosen to volunteer, and we couldn’t survive without them.

So to all of you-and you know who you are-we are forever in your gratitude.  As one of our volunteers said so well, “Every day should be volunteer appreciation day!”  I totally agree, Craig….we should be a points of light volunteer winner!

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total is now at 707.

Well, we’re getting more injured birds, more baby birds, more bunnies, more structures, and thank the heavens – more volunteers! AND, we’re getting stellar responses from some of our existing volunteers! This is a quick update in the week prior to Wishes for Wildlife 2013, so take a look and enjoy the action!! And thanks again to Joey Patrizi for his trip to Lake Havasu! (I know I can count on Carl, too, but I don’t want to abuse our senior R&T staff at the beginning of the season!)

Bunch O'goslings (and one duckling...)

Bunch O’goslings (and one duckling…)

I think we're getting out soon

“I think we’re getting out soon…”

Boy, those are some tiny feet!

Boy, those are some tiny feet!

The OC volunteer asked, "Why do starlings look so mean?"

The OC volunteer asked, “Why do starlings look so mean?”

The waterfowl area got a bunch of new residents last week as a whole clutch of goslings arrived.  They were soon joined by a lone ducking of the intermediate age we call a “teenage” duck. Then the bunnies…ahhh, the bunnies! It seems there is a never-ending supply of baby bunnies this time of year.  We all nearly OD’d on cuteness between the goslings, the bunnies, and then we added two baby hummingbirds… And one new OC volunteer asked about why the starling looked so mean.  The answer? It’s a starling! that’s just the way they look!

Pop go the grackles     (click here for a brief video)

OK, I HAD to put this in here.  There were six baby grackles in three little nests in a brooder last week, and when anyone tapped the brooder, they all popped up in unison to beg for food.  It was the cutest thing to watch (well, next to the bunnies and the goslings…) So click the above link and enjoy!


Dr. Sorum X-rays the GHO

Dr. Sorum X-rays the GHO

Baby GHO X-ray

Fledgling GHO X-ray

Barry, Alex, and Sara all on hand to help

Barry, Alex, and Sara all on hand to help

An injured fledgling GHO has been in our care for a short time, and with the help of Dr. Sorum and his portable X-ray machine, a pin was inserted into a small broken leg.  Now, with the help of the same crew and the same machine, the pin will be removed.  Hopefully, Liberty will someday be able to afford this technology that is such a great help in treating the injured animals that we see.

Baby eagle wing - before surgery

Baby eagle wing – before surgery

The same wing last week - showing remarkable healing!

The same wing last week – showing remarkable healing!

Another example of how the ability to X-ray on the spot has contributed to our success rate.  Dr. Orr inserted the pin into the humerus which has healed extremely well – and the radius and ulna bones in the outer wing have also healed astonishingly well after being wrapped following the injury.  Again, having the fresh X-rays are an incalculable aid in rapid, effective treatment.


New recruits

Carol addresses some new recruits

Carol Suits is now holding orientations for new volunteers monthly and last Saturday, after she spoke, Tony taught a rescue class. (Following the rescue class, three volunteers – Sara, Eric, and Susan – stayed for several hours after class to help our new OC Coordinator Karen out in feeding babies – what dedication!!)


New enclosures take shape

New enclosures going up…

Joe Miller, with the help of Tim Coppage, have been busy assembling and erecting some new enclosures that were “prefabbed” by local Boy Scouts.  The structures are sturdy, cleanly built, and very easy (relatively speaking) to install. Chief, our little 4 year old bald eagle, is already living in one!

************ DON’T FORGET WISHES FOR WILDLIFE – next Saturday!!!**********




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