This Week at Liberty – March 04, 2013

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

Liberty Wildlife has a strong bench.  No matter what, we do what we say we are going to do.  We truly offer a service for an area that is local to national in scope.  This fact is brought home to me on a regular basis.  Here are a few recent “for instances”.

On this past Saturday, a caller left a message on the Hotline that there was a bird trapped in the chimney of a rental she was temporarily living in.  The land lord assured her that the chimney was covered, but the pitiful flapping of wings of the panicked bird led her to believe she wasn’t getting the real facts.  The hotline called her back to get the critical information well within the 30 minutes promised.  When the Hotliner started down the list of Rescue and Transport (R/T) volunteers in her area (a list produced by our one-of-a-kind computerized R/T Program), Pam, on the Hotline that shift, found that the ‘regular’ chimney rescuers were out of town or otherwise unavailable. Yet, in no time at all another R/T volunteer, Cheyenne, agreed to go to do the chimney rescue…not an easy or tidy job…but she succeeded.  The caller was thrilled, the bird was relieved, and the rescuer was elated.  Strong bench!

Recently one of our star educators, Doug, injured an eye and needed surgery and recuperation time.  He put in a call that substitution would be needed for the programs that he had committed to do.  None of the programs had to be canceled because another of our strong educational team stepped in to make the program promises good.  He also needed help on the days he had committed to hand feeding the educational ambassadors.  The consistency in care of these animals wasn’t interrupted at all.  His Hand Feeding compadres stepped in and covered for him…protocol remained in-tact…Strong bench!

Anna’s job schedule changed unexpectedly which altered her ability to do her Medical Services shift on an evening.  The animals need to have all medical protocol covered and incoming animals need to be assessed and dealt with on arrival.  No glitch here either.  Until she can come back to this shift or until the next class produces newly trained Medical Services volunteers, Jan will cover making sure all jobs are successfully tended to….Life happens along the way, but the stresses and changes don’t negate the need for our consistent services….Strong bench!

Just because it is a busy season, just because it is a Saturday afternoon or a big holiday, just because there was a volunteer absence, just because the phones are ringing off the wall, it is no excuse not to do the job we are committed to doing, that we have promised the community we would provide for them, that we believe our native wildlife deserves.

At Liberty Wildlife we have a very strong bench, and that is why we are winners.  I am not sure who else can say this with the same assurance as I do.  Strong bench, indeed!

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year now stands at 165.

The Education team is on the job continuously, as is the Med Services crew, always ready to respond to injured animals of all species from eagles and condors to doves and hummers. Needless to say, the Daily Care grew is there 365 days a year, making sure all patients have clean enclosures and enough food, which is the main task at hand until the orphans start showing up – WAIT! They already have!!! Aaauuggghhh – curse you, climate change!!!

A Health World program with Joanne, Nicole, and Cecile

John, Balinda, Joe, and Sonora ride the Verde Canyon Railroad

The Education team at Liberty provides quality, professional educational program all over the state – over 850 last year alone. From the “speed treating” at many Health World programs to monthly rides on the Verde Canyon Rail Road, the public has a great opportunity to learn about all the various species that inhabit our great state – and the chance to see some of them up close and personal!



Improving burrowing owl

Jan and Dr. Wyman are pleased with his progress

It’s great to see Dr. Wyman helping at the Tuesday “Vet Night” operation. She recently returned from a trip to Scotland and lent her hand in assessing a harris’ hawk with some flight problems and a small burrowing owl who also presented a wing injury. The HaHa is getting better and the BuOw is also healing but both will still require some additional care and flight testing before they can be released.


First orphan GHO of the season

A lot of pretty little flight feathers growing in

Although it’s still early in the year, we got in our first orphan baby GHO last week. Beyond cute, he spent some time in a brooder and is now being cared for by some foster parents while he gets used to some new unfamiliar surroundings for a few months. As of this writing, a second baby owlet showed up and I hope to have pictures of him next week.


Katrina assists Jan in preparing the golden eagle for surgery  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

Drs. Orr and Sorum check the X-rays  (Photo by Craig Fischer)



Dr. Orr inserts a pin to align the broken bones  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

Some of the volunteers watch the process from the “surgical gallery.”  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

In great hands…  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

Golden on the operating table  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

Waking up and heading to recovery  (Photo by Craig Fischer)

A golden eagle arrived a little over a week ago.  The bird had apparently been involved in an automobile collision and had more than one broken bone in his wing. He came in at an opportune time as the next day, Dr. Orr was able to attend and Dr. Sorum was on the Med Services team and brought in his portable digital X-ray machine. Surgery was performed and the broken wing was pinned, allowing the bones to be aligned as they healed. Thanks to Craig Fischer for recording the event with his camera! The bird is now outside and doing well. We’ll keep you posted on his recovery.


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