This Week at Liberty December 3, 2012

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

They can be more trouble than they are worth….now that is a negative start!  I am referring to the utilization of interns from colleges and universities…students who are paying their dues to finish their schooling to emerge into the professional world.  But for us at Liberty this isn’t the case…at all!

Sadly, we have come to that time of the semester when we have to bid farewell to our three interns for this year…and I mean sadly.

Alex came to us from the school of Non Profit Management at ASU.  What better place for her internship than a non-profit for whom she has volunteered for several years?  In the past she had been at Liberty for a volunteer shift on Friday and had bonded well with her team…would that present a problem?  In short…no!  She changed from her “volunteer hat to her “temporary staff” hat with poise and energy.  And she fit right in.  She was included in staff activities and showed great initiative when updating the Volunteer and Staff Handbooks, learning about best practices, chronicling the process for following a volunteer’s paperwork thoroughly from beginning of service until leaving.  She organized, she dealt with the public, she helped with animal care activities, and she filled in where necessary.

Nicolle ended up doing two internships with us as.  One was through ASU University Service Learning which equated to 70 hours 60% of which had to be working directly with the public.  She approached us for a second internship with the School of Sustainability at ASU when her original didn’t work out.  Fortunately for us we were able to provide a place for her to weave her experience in sustainability through our processes especially in the education messages we offer.  She has met with staff regularly and has created a template for our educators to use based on state standards and our natural history and conservation message with sustainability at the core of each lesson…brilliant!

Maya was also an ASU University Service Learning student with a very busy schedule that didn’t allow her the ability to do hands on time with wildlife care, but she was able to fill in with flying colors on the Hotline doing two shifts.  That job allows great variety and shows considerable abilities to help the public with knowledge learned quickly….thinking on your feet is a great skill and she has it.  She was able to get more than the required 60% direct interaction with the public and was able to go to public events when her schedule allowed it.  These students are busy, dedicated and hard workers!

The take away for me is this:  I have such great hope for the future.  There was no babysitting these three young women.  They showed initiative, courage, and creativity.  They took constructive criticism with dignity and an eagerness to learn.  We saw none of the entitlement behavior that you hear about all of the time….not here.  It was nose to the grindstone…let us show you what we can do….and thank you for the opportunity.  I am so impressed!

And, I am so appreciative of the work they have contributed to the cause…both ours and theirs.  So, sadly we say good bye to them as interns but hope they stick around as volunteers when they can.  They have so much to offer…stand back world!


This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The total intake count for the year is now at 3272.

Well folks, another Volunteer Appreciation Picnic has come and gone, and this one was one of the best! Our two wonderful interns, Alex and Nicolle worked with all the other volunteers and staff to make this a memorable day. Since it was the major event of the week (and since I was out of town for four days…) this week’s update will be a special recap of the picnic.  Hope you were there to enjoy it with us!

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A beautiful day – and a nice turnout

It was a perfect day for a picnic – and thanks to SRP for the use of the Pera Club, the planning by the interns and staff, and the spirit of all the volunteers, it was a wonderful event!

The “Who am I?” game

One of the games involved wearing a tag describing a bird and through asking questions of other volunteers (who could see the tag), you had to guess what species you were.

Pam (right) Leo and Margaret share Hotline and R&T stories

It was great to see some Hotliners at the event who got to meet some of the R&T people with whom they deal on a daily basis. It’s good to put a face with the voice on the phone for a change!

The kids (and everyone else!) enjoyed the Counting games

There were several games including beanbag tossing, ball throwing, and counting the number of objects in jars, with prizes awarded for best guesses.

Carl does a rescue on his way to the picnic

We even had a cormorant show up, courtesy of Carl and Mary Price, who stopped to do the rescue on their way to the picnic!

Santa makes a visit – and makes the show!

During the program, Santa Clause dropped in to say a few words (ahem…) and to give out presents to the volunteer groups. (Why is John not in any of the photos with Santa…?)

Peggy gets some “big bucks” for the Guardians – and immediately hands it all to Megan – as always!

Donna J and Linda accept awards for the Education team

Anne accepts a personal fan and a water jug for the Hand Feed team

Art gets a new tool for Maintenance (was that duct tape – or “duck” tape?)

Joanie is a beautiful bird on the Med Services team!

Joe gets a gift for the Eagle Handlers

The Orphan Care team is recognized

Tim gets something “fishy” for his water treatment invention

Balinda receives the full treatment (check out the slippers!) for the Daily Care folks

Our interns Alex (center) and Nicolle (right). Our third intern, Maya, was not there for the photo.

Joe and Aurora posed with volunteers

And if you didn’t notice Claudia in the background of a lot of photos, you missed something. She was key to the success of the Santa/volunteer gift program!

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  1. Art Smith says:

    Thanks to everyone involved. Great picnic…….Art

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