This Week at Liberty October 22, 2012

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

I hope that those of you who follow This Week at Liberty and Hoots, Howls, and Hollers know the importance of all of the work we do at Liberty Wildlife.  The staff and volunteers do the work as a labor of love; they take pride in doing the best they can do to further the mission of Liberty to “nurture the nature of Arizona (and beyond!).  And, I know that you realize that we need your help to enable our activities.  That being said, here is yet another way you can help us…..and better yet, you can have a digital photo made of your favorite pet or in my case, pets.

‘Tis the season to be jolly (well it soon will be) and one must plan ahead.  You can have a holiday photo made of your furry, feathered, finned (I guess) or scaled (maybe) family members.  Villa La Paws Training Center is hosting a fundraiser for five selected animal related organizations on November 4th which is right around the corner.  And, Liberty Wildlife is one of the five.

Barb Del’Ve, pet photographer par excellence, will be photographing your beloved pets with appropriate props of the season.  Last year she totally captured my less than well-trained large dogs in a magical 5×7 digital photograph that I will treasure forever.  I will be there bright and early, and Liberty will have a “booth” set up featuring one of our education ambassadors and information on our work.

Please see the flyer below and call or email to make an appointment to have your pet immortalized this holiday with a holiday card memory.  If the pets flood in they will add another day of photography so that everyone will get a chance at this marvelous opportunity….don’t be sorry that you missed the fun…and it is fun!

Also, please don’t forget to go to our web site, and click on the “pop up” or go directly to to make a pledge to Liberty Wildlife.  We would love to be one of the organizations featured at The Open this year by getting the most individual pledges or the most pledge money.  It would be a great opportunity for us to spread the word about the beauty and benefits of our nature neighbors.  The guests at The Open would be wowed, and we would be thrilled…go pledge now…even if it is just a penny a birdie.  Remember that all of the money comes directly to Liberty Wildlife, the organization you love and adore!

And, I hope to see you and your pets on November 4th at the Villa La Paws Training Center (10630 N. 32nd St.) Phx., AZ…see below!

We thank you for all of your efforts to assist us and our native wildlife.

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total now stands at 3180.

As you can see by the slowly growing intake number, the rate of arrivals is down to a crawl, as is usual for this time of year.  Still, we get in some animals from around the state as well as local birds, and the biggest source of patients now is migration! But the slow rate of intakes gives us time for more projects as we’ll see this week…

A new osprey in rehab

A very shy L.E.O.

Raven gets some TLC

Feeding a nighthawk

Ospreys are notoriously difficult to rehabilitate as they hate to eat in captivity. Long-eared owls are also vexing because they are very “highly strung” and don’t usually do well in the care of humans. Ravens sometimes accept our ministrations although they will bite very readily when given the opportunity, and sometimes nighthawks don’t like to eat unless they are on the wing. All these trying conditions are met this week as the rehabbing continues!


Alex, Sharon and Joanie examine the TV

Green might be his color

Finally, he gets a band

Our friend Christie in Sierra vista sent us another bird this week, this one a turkey vulture with a broken wing. After a three-way relay trip up from the south, the bird arrived and was evaluated and treated, then placed outside with a couple other TVs for rest and recuperation.  X-rays are also on the schedule for later this week.


Lots of hands on with this cormorant

Beautiful eyes on this bird

And on my way up to Liberty with the TV above, I stopped and rescued this cormorant that was on the ground just south of the PHX airport. Also signed up for X-rays, the bird is in evaluation and will be given some R&R until the pictures come back!



Some new decorative landscaping…

Scout project combo

The official signage…

and, the unofficial sign – from the proud scouts.

In our continuing efforts to make the Liberty facility look (and smell) better, some of the staff and volunteers added some foliage and decorations to the front walk area recently, and another eagle scout project saw a new concrete pad poured under our garbage pick-up stop out front. The small structure was installed a while back by another scout troop and the “combo package” of the dumpster covering and the pad now has our refuse area looking quite presentable. We are always striving to be the best neighbors possible!

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  1. Mary goodman says:

    So, who’s got the pleasure of diapering that owl?

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