This Week at Liberty September 17, 2012

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

I am making one last appeal to each of you to vote for Liberty Wildlife for the Chase Giving campaign.  We could land a tidy sum of money if we can bring in more votes.  For some of us social media challenged types there is a very easy way to vote.  Our web site has a pop up on the home page that will be functioning for a few more days, and when you click on the button it leads you directly to a voting opportunity.  Be patient while it loads and then click on “Vote for this charity”.  That is all there is to it.

And, I am sure you are weary of hearing about this opportunity….but here’s why it is so important.  Last week I brought statistics to the table….no doubt you were impressed as you should have been…..the accomplishments are indeed impressive.  The numbers are off the charts in every category of our mission accomplishments.  But here’s a more personal reason.

This past weekend some fishermen were enjoying a Saturday of outdoor relaxation…fishing at Canyon Lake.  I am not sure if it was the calling of the mate overhead or the visage of the emaciated male on the shore line that got their attention first.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  The fishermen were taken by the scene and shared some of their catch with the small male bald eagle who vociferously “chowed down” on the life saving morsels.  He was unable to fly and had clearly been down for some time….and for some time his mate had been flying overhead, letting him know that she was still around and perhaps even bringing food to him…at least that is my anthropomorphic sizing up of the situation.

Suffering from a broken wing that had almost healed on its own indicates that he had been down for at least two maybe three weeks.  His talons were worn down from being on the ground for so long.  He had lost weight, but he was still standing just unable to fly to safety, to hunt, or to reunite with his distraught mate.

The reason he might be able to return to his mate is this.  People cared.  People got involved.  People interrupted what they were doing to make sure this bald eagle got a second chance.  The fishermen stopped their fishing and called the Sheriff.  The Sheriff called Game and Fish and the Liberty Wildlife Hotline to cover all bases.  The Game and Fish representative called Missi, one of our eagle rescue team members, who checked in with Terry to get assistance.  A second eagle rescue response team member, John, was called and he and Missi stopped what they were doing and drove to the lake.  A trip across the river by John led to the actual rescue of the downed eagle.

Once they got him back to the facility, he was assessed and his injured wing discovered.  He only weighed five pounds (should have been at least seven pounds)….and was very thin and weak.  He will have X Rays today and protocol for treatment will be made by veterinarians.  He is eating like a trooper, and we are hopeful that his wing will soon be solid enough that once his strength is built he will be able to return to his mate.  Breeding season isn’t far in the future.

All of this happened because people took the time to help, to get involved to make a difference and that is why I am asking you one last time to help us, to get involved, to make a difference by voting for Liberty Wildlife in this Chase giving campaign.  The grant will help us continue this good work!

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year now stands at 3073.

The care goes on as we begin to get in a parade of first-year birds who are making their juvenile mistakes. Landing where they shouldn’t, hunting where they ought not, getting too close to roads – all these behaviors that lead to injury for young birds bring us a crop of patients each fall. Some will live, some will not, and some will enter the in-between world of “Injured: Non-releasable.” In addition, we got in another big visitor from the Canyon Lake area who is now in treatment. Let’s se what happened…

Special hummingbird enclosure

We are still getting in a steady number of humming birds, both residents and migrants. Due to their special needs in terms of habitat, we set up a larger screened in enclosure to better accommodate these little birds. It gives them the opportunity to move about as much as they are able and not be constrained by smaller confines while healing small bones.


Assessing a young BCNH

Yet another foot problem

Toba checks the prairie wing

Toba, Joanie, and Sharon (the Tuesday vet-night staff) held forth last week without Jan who was on vacation. As usual, the older patients were examined for progress and notes were made on their condition. Some new patients, including a young black-crowned night heron and a beautiful prairie falcon, were assessed and treatment initiated.


Colleen helps Andrea assess a barn owl

Two birds came up from Maricopa, including this little barn owl who received a badly broken leg in a car collision. Andrea and Colleen assessed and began treatment on Sunday morning.


John brings in an eagle (photo by Melissa Hughes)

Getting used to his private room

Jan finds evidence of an earlier break

This guy has spent some time on the ground

“Maybe if I bite his thumb…”

Time for fluids

Saturday evening, calls came in and our rescue team was scrambled to save a bald eagle on the ground near Canyon Lake (see HHH above). The bird arrived and the next morning, Jan returned from her vacation early (talk about dedication!!) and with the help of Joe, the bird was assessed and given fluids. It appears on initial examination that he has a fractured wing which might not have been a very recent injury.  Further exams including X-rays will confirm the diagnosis. He’s eating well and appears in good spirits.


Sleepy screech (photo by Terris)

RTHs get some practice flying in the big enclosure (photo by Kurt)

All volunteers are encouraged to submit photos from the facility (hey, I can’t be there all the time!) and this week, Terris and Kurt both sent in some good shots.


Fall is our slow time of the year, and with this in mind, I will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks. TW@L will return on October 8th! Be here then, same bird time, same bird channel!!

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2 Responses to This Week at Liberty September 17, 2012

  1. Naomi Berg says:

    thanks Megan for that tear jerking touching update…

  2. Judy Droz says:

    Kurt, great picture of the RTHs flying, love seeing their rehab in action!!

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