This Week at Liberty February 13, 2012

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

After all of my bragging on the accomplishments of the Education Group, I am here to tell you that, yes, there is more.  A main message of the group is to create a world where wildlife isn’t injured by our activities, intentional or not.  Achieving that scenario, we would only need to share with you the beauty and benefits of non-harmful co-existence with our wild brethren….rehabilitation wouldn’t be the necessity that it is now.  Unfortunately we aren’t there yet…as hard as we all work to reach that goal.

Nevertheless, just when I thought we had fleshed out our message to the nth degree, I am shown the latest endeavor by our esteemed Education Team.  Last Thursday we presented our first Continuing Education class for the US Green Building Council, Arizona Chapter’s State Conference.  Thanks to the efforts of Tony Sola, and the added help from Claudia Kirscher, Jan and Joe Miller our word is spreading to an important group of learners.

The US Green Building Council awards credits to LEED professionals for learning about Wildlife Friendly Deterrence, which was addressed in Tony’s continuing education class.  For those of you who haven’t heard (wake up out there!) LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  It is an internationally recognized mark of excellence in design, construction and maintenance, and it is changing the look of our cities, new developments, and gentrified areas across the U.S.

In Tony’s words, …” every one of the attendees approached me throughout the day to say how much they enjoyed the presentation, how much they learned, how it was the highlight of the conference, etc.  I had heard that (even though this is a group concerned with protecting the environment) a couple people had said beforehand “Why should we care about birds?”   Based on this, Claudia set out to get some converts.  I had one

gentleman approach me that afternoon to say, “I have to be honest. When I first heard about the presentation, I said ‘Come on guys! Birds?! Why would you do that to us?’ But your presentation was very enjoyable and taught me a great deal, and I really see how I can apply this to my practice.”  I asked him, “So, we have a convert then?”  He said, “Oh,

Tony presents a GHO to the Green Builders

yes.” Someone else said, “You have 80 converts!”  Technically, we had about 90-100 attendees, but they meant we had converted them all.  I heard that at least 3 people went immediately to the information table to get our number to sign up to become volunteers.”

This has all of the earmarks of a totally successful, motivational, and innovative program.  I continue to be very proud of the volunteers and all of the work they do to help change people’s blasé or even negative attitude toward the environment and especially wildlife.

If you want to know more, and I KNOW you do, race to your computer or smart phone, click on to your browser and look up and learn more about the efforts of an organization in bringing awareness to the Fatal Light Awareness Program.  It will show you one truly serious concern addressed by our Wildlife Friendly Development class.  Also, stay tuned to learn more about what we can do to alleviate many of the unnecessary problems that we have heaped upon our wildlife neighbors…problems that can and should be fixed….posthaste!

Thanks Tony, Claudia, Jan and Joe for your intrepidness into new worlds.

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year is now at 128.

The arrivals are slow, but steady as we approach the really busy season. Preparations for the opening of the Orphan Care Operation continue as the intake of the “usual suspects” continues. We also add to our coverage of the Lush Cosmetics people who helped us out with some of our field efforts last week. Plus, there’s always more education programs being done as we get the word out…    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Claudia, Anne, and Craig present eagles for AZG&F

Whenever the Arizona Game and Fish Department does a presentation about eagles, they almost always call on Liberty to help out. Last week, Kyle did one of the Az Game & Fish Bald Eagle Management Workshops at the Willow Bend Environmental Learning Center near Flagstaff and the Liberty Education team stepped up. Claudia, Anne, and Craig brought three of our education Bald eagles (in various stages of development) to demonstrate the changes BE’s go through as they mature.


Sharon and Joanie check a sharpie for injury

On the other side of the rehab coin, a nice lady and her husband brought in a sharp-shinned hawk that had collided with a window and at first appeared dead. When the bird was seen breathing, they brought her straight to Liberty where she received care and medicine to which she responded immediately. The next afternoon upon being examined by Jan and Dr. Wyman and then test-flown by Sharon and Joanie, she was released!


Susie, Laura, Jan, and Nina do some maintenance

Somebody obviously likes this one!

Some of the Lush crew working on BuOw burrows

The construction continues apace

 We mentioned our teaming with the Lush Cosmetics firm last week. After we did the programs for them, a bus full of Lush volunteers came out to the burrowing owl relocation site, ready to cut, saw, and dig. With their help, and that of Bob, a retired equipment operator who drove our Bobcat, we were able to install 10 artificial burrows in one afternoon! The next day some were already being claimed by some of the local BuOw’s.


An oily RTH

Trying to determine what the coating might be

A break is found

An RTH came to Liberty last week that appeared to be coated in some kind of oily film. Birds have natural oil on their feathers which help keep them water-proof, but any external application of a foreign oily substance can be extremely harmful. The bird was washed several times and we never did ascertain what the film was, but further examination revealed a broken wing which probably lead to the oil problem as the bird tried to forage on the ground.


Injured screech

Dr. Wyman evaluates the healing

One of the birds x-rayed last week was this little screech owl. A small break in a small wing was splinted and wrapped and it seems to be healing fast and well. Keep a good thought for this little bird.


WIN THIS BIKE!!! (And help Liberty in the process!!)


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