This Week at Liberty November 21, 2011

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

It was a beautiful day to honor our volunteers…all of them!  Yesterday we gathered at the Pera Club in Tempe to recognize the hard working folks who give of their time, energy and spirit to help fulfill our mission to nurture the nature of Arizona.

This year we paid special attention to making the event as environmentally “green” as possible thanks to our volunteer picnic committee, Claudia, Deborah, Susie and Carol.  Recyclable plates, bowls, silverware (I’m told the chili didn’t appreciate it too much or the spoon didn’t appreciate the chili too much.)and napkins were designed to cut down on garbage, but the laws on recyclables are strict, so I’m not sure how well we did with that…too be revisited!  Each volunteer was given a reusable water bottle designed with a Liberty Wildlife logo as a small momento and thank you.  And, our beautiful 2012 calendars were present and available for sale….and they were going like hotcakes.  A hint for you to get one now if you plan to gift them to friends and family!

There were guessing games as each person was assigned a native animal (pinned to their back) whose identity they were charged with figuring out by asking questions of their fellow volunteers….a great way to meet a fellow traveler on this ship who might work another day.  There was a number guessing game where small containers with treats (no mealworms or crickets) were assembled and contestants were allowed to guess the number contained….there were some surprisingly good guessers.  The sun was a culprit and melted the chocolate chip marcels into one lump so the first guesser was the closest and walked away with that entire lump sum all to herself.

And, then there was the food….so much good stuff!  People tend to bring their specialties from small rye bread and cucumber sandwiches made memorable by the fresh dill sprinkled on top, Greek salads, lentil salad, mac and cheese casseroles, tapenades, vegan chili, and deserts that defy the imagination…..There were simply too many to try to list them all, and it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I am sorry for those of you who weren’t able to join us…..maybe next year!  It seemed to me that the crowd was happy.  It was fun to see faces and families that I don’t get to see very often.  And, it is particularly fulfilling for me to be able to express my deep gratitude to this wonderful group of people for all they do to assist Arizona’s wildlife, to educate the citizenry about the beauty and benefits of our natural heritage, and for such dedication to Liberty Wildlife.

Many thanks to you, one and all!

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total is now at 3200 (+-) (I was flying and didn’t get to call to get the real number today…)

As we enter Thanksgiving week, we have a couple of new intakes and a new eagle in our care.  We also held the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic yesterday which is one of my favorite events each year. We rescued a couple of med services folks on Tuesday, and Carl brought in another hawk. Let’s have a look…

Megan has a birthday!

Last week, our Managing Director, Megan, had a birthday!  We won’t go into details, but we held a small ceremony to honor this wonderful woman who holds it all together for the organization! Cake was involved…


The team checks a GHO's eyes

All owls are handsome...

Jan and Toba band a young BuOw for transfer outside

Joanie evaluates a coot

Toba and Joanie administer some medicine

Vet night last Tuesday was fairly interesting as a couple of coots had arrived and required assessment as well as a GHO with an eye injury and a little burrowing owl with unknown issues. The coot went into a brooder for rest and observation, and the BuOw went out with the other yearling burrowers.


Carl brings in a sharpie

Sharon and Joanie assess

Ready for a weigh-in

In the middle of the vet night activities, Carl arrived with an injured sharp-shinned hawk. The little bird was in serious condition so he became the next patient and was assessed and treated immediately by the Med Services team. As we’ve said before, accipiters like sharpies and cooper’s are prone to collision injuries as they chase down avian prey, producing a disproportionate number of head, neck, and back injuries, so timely treatment is of paramount importance.


New patients...?

Then around 3PM, the bird room phone rang and it was Joanie and Sharon – they had been out in the small bird aviary and when the door closed behind them, the latch caught. Cell phones are a staple of our operations, sometimes used for rescuing the rescuers!


Dave logs in his rescue

A new golden arrives

The X-ray provided shows a radius fracture

Dave Kendall drove up to the Kingman area on Tuesday to transport an injured golden eagle down to Liberty from another animal clinic. Arriving around 4PM, Dave logged him in and Jan viewed the X-rays the other facility provided. Since the small animal clinic has little experience with birds, the X-rays are less than optimal but did indicate a fractured radius with the adjacent ulna remaining intact. When Dr. Wyman arrived, a more extensive exam was conducted. (more photos next week)


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6 Responses to This Week at Liberty November 21, 2011

  1. Megan Mosby says:

    My thanks for your kind words.

  2. Gail says:

    By definition Liberty Wildlife is about the animals, but this week I really enjoyed the terrific pictures of some of the people who make the organization shine. You can see the selfless work brings an inner joy that illuminates the soul. Congratulations on all the successes and for another fantastic recognition picnic.

  3. The picnic was awesome. I felt proud to be part of such an amazing organization!!

  4. Kelly says:

    Thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers for all you do for our wildlife! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

  5. Andrea Sobotka says:

    Happy Birthday Megan! So sorry I missed the picnic this year, look like it was a lot of well organized FUN!

  6. donna atkinson says:

    Hello, my Daughter recently joined your group of volunteers, Lori Goodspeed, and she loves being there to help. these pictures are wonderful, it shows that so many of us truly care about the animals God has provided us with to enjoy and nurture. thanks to all of you in this field, some of our critters just couldn’t survive w/o some human help. more power to you, I am a big animal lover, always had a couple dobies, and now retired so have a rescued Lhasa-Apso honey colored angel that watches out for us. thank you all so much. donna

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