This Week at Liberty October 17, 2011

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

The Environmental Fund of Arizona, , celebrated its 10th Anniversary last Thursday night with a “party” at the Hackett House in Tempe.  Attending the event were representatives from some of the member groups, some of the businesses, corporations, government agencies, and other interested parties that currently embrace or green giving initiative.  Music, delicious food and drink and a lovely evening provided a backdrop for meeting and greeting where people’s names became faces.

This year awards were given to long time green giving workplace, American Express and the new kid on the block, The City of Phoenix.  Recognition also went to Premiere Sponsor, Southwest Gas Corporation. Other sponsors recognized for support of this event were National Bank of Arizona and First solar.  Our thanks go to all of them.

A highlight for me was a delightful conversation that I had with Karen from Green Living AZ.  She is doing what we all should do….actually practicing a ‘green’ method of living.  For the next three months she is relying totally on public transportation to get around the city….working, shopping, going to appointments and recreating.  So far, for her, it has been a delightful experience.  She has been open to meeting new people, seeing new sights, and allowing for the adjustments that it takes in one’s life to make a commitment and stick to it against all odds.

Hats off to her!  I am pulling for her to make it all the way through to the end of the year….and then to capture that good habit and move on to the next one… incentive to me and to all of you to take one aspect of our lives and make the effort to ‘green it up’….like a pebble thrown into the pond each of our good practices can ripple out, and we will all be better for it.  So think about it and drop your pebble today!

Maybe you’ll choose work place giving for your green living change!

This Week at Liberty

Posted by Terry Stevens

The intake total for the year now stands at… something over 3100 – I’m many miles away and I forgot to check…my bad?

This will be a short post (sent from my trip!). We had a couple of updates on previous patients and a couple of projects that moved along last week. Dr. Orr did some surgery and we’ll see the progress as it occurs in weeks to come. Next week, TW@L will be on vacation so look for us again in two week!

Completed eagle project

Signed in cement

The eagle scout project that began last week was completed this Saturday.  The new walkway on the north side on the ICU structure is a welcomed addition to the facility. Thanks to the scouts and leaders involved!


Another peregrine from down south

Our friend Christie Van Cleve from Sierra Vista sent another injured peregrine to Liberty last week. The bird was thought to have been shot, but X-rays showed no indication of a projectile. Since the bird has no broken bones, it’s hoped he will be released fairly soon! Thanks to R&T volunteer Dorothy Shildkret for driving to Tucson for the transport!!



A deep wound

OK, speaking of gun shot wounds (GSW), this beautiful great horned owl actually was shot, as we can see the pellet in the X-ray.  Dr. Orr decided to wait to do the surgery to remove it as it is very deep and until some more testing can be done, it might be dangerous to remove the object.  Fingers crossed, please!


Pretty long eared owl

Art examines the wing

A bad break

Last week a rescue volunteer brought in this pretty long eared owl with a damaged wing.  We don’t get a lot of these little guys so everyone was interested in his progress.  X-rays were taken and a very serious break was discovered. Surgery will be performed ASAP in an attempt to save the beautiful little bird.


A new baby tortoise

Another migrant

Cheyenne and Anita are a good team

A couple of new arrivals came in considering this is migration season.  One was a cute little desert tortoise and the other a pretty little warbler of undetermined species (OK, I’m not the best with LBB’s – little brown birds…) What I do know is we get a lot of migratory traffic this time of year and since migration is a dangerous activity, any birds unlucky enough to become injured have to regain their luck and get found by Liberty Wildlife and treated by the wonderful staff.


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3 Responses to This Week at Liberty October 17, 2011

  1. Anne says:

    The warbler looks like a yellow-rumped warbler.

    My fingers are crossed for both owls and the peregrine!

  2. Carol Baetzel says:

    It makes me so sad to think there are people who actually shoot these beautiful birds – any of them. It’s heartbreaking for me – but thank goodness for Dr. Orr and the Liberty team who can hopefully save that little GHO…..

  3. Dylan says:

    Good thing there are still people like you that still cares for our wildlife. The only sad thing is that people who do actually care are being outnumbered that do not.

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