This Week at Liberty

by Megan Mosby

Hoots, Howls, and Hollers

The 18th annual Wishes for Wildlife has entered into Liberty Wildlife’s archive ofhappenings.  I must admit that the flurry of activity leading up to the event and closing it out is demanding.  There are many people involved in putting on such a lovely event, and they all deserve kudos.  Let me try to cover some of the standouts involved in the planning and execution.

The Executive Committee, Christi Warner-Beyer, Kathleen Lang and Peggy Cole start meeting immediately after the previous event ends, and we will start again this week.  We will soon meet with the three Benefit Chairs for next year, Jamie Lendrum, Pam Overton and Melissa Leonosia.  How’s that for planning?

The Wildlife Guardians, too many to name, all deserve to take a bow.  Barbie Baugh over saw the procurement of Silent Auction items, Janet Melamed took charge of table decorations, Carol Suits manned the volunteers.  All of the others flanked these committee leaders and filled in the hours of work and planning and table filling….a wonderful group of people who give their time to support our mission.

The volunteers at Liberty Wildlife work as hard on this event as they do caring for the injured and orphaned wildlife and educating the public.  They make signage, they organize the auction collateral, they set up the tables, they guard over the “goods” and then they take it all down again to store away for next year. And a special hats off to the Do Crew from US Airways and SRP’s Audio Visual Department led by Mark Kenger….the best!

Among the volunteers I include our very supportive Board of Directors….providing guests to the tables and in kind support whenever asked.  They are a guiding light to us.

Then there is the small but dedicated Liberty Wildlife staff.  They work long and hard hours to make things right.  They put up with my grumpiness when there seems to be too much to do.  They believe in the cause and know that they are an integral part of the whole deal.

But a stand out for the past umpteen years is Peggy Cole, who through her amazing attention to detail and her work ethic that should be cloned…the work gets done.  Please, if you see her let her know how much she is appreciated…a stalwart soul who cares and acts on what is important to her.

I can’t stop thanking without recognizing all of the donors, all of the participants, all of the sponsors.  They will be singled out for thanks, but you know who you are and that we couldn’t do it without you!

And, I must thank my brother, Bill, and my sister-in-law, Zonna, who drove to Phoenix from south Texas to keep me together body and soul…..pretty special and pretty important to me.

You are all the best.  From the bottom of my heart I wish I could name you all and if I missed anyone…my humble regrets….just know that you are scoring points somewhere important!

Please check our website, for My Montuer’s video of the event…it will appear very soon.

This Week at Liberty

Saturday was the Wishes for Wildlife fundraiser event, plus we got in another three baby eagles from the Orm nest with the same tick infestation that killed all three eaglets last year. Look for the updates and photos next week!

by Terry Stevens

This week I am attaching a link to a short video I put together to highlight the Orphan Care and Med Services teams! Just click the link below:

A tribute to Orphan Care and Med Services

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2 Responses to This Week at Liberty

  1. Carol Suits says:

    Great video, Terry. Thank you!

  2. Megan Mosby says:

    enjoyed the video also………..

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