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The "before" picture...

We had our own sort of miracle at Liberty Wildlife this weekend.  For any of you who have had the experience of our woeful office you will agree that a miracle did happen.  With the brainchild of the Research and Conservation Department and administrator of the Non-eagle Feather Repository, Nina Grimaldi, the weekend was spent making the office over…no small task!

Starting with Naomi Berg getting a donation of flooring from Floor and Décor in Glendale and a donation of paint (a very cheery yellow) from yours truly, the work began.  The planning had all been accomplished ahead of time so the move was pretty smooth.  The desks would be rearranged to facilitate more efficient work and to supply more work space and storage for each of the five folks that share the tiny office.

John Glitsos helped on Friday to disassemble the computers and electronic ‘stuff’.  The office was emptied by the end of the day Friday, and things that weren’t going to come back in were properly disposed of….anyone who has de-cluttering fever knows how good that feels.

On Saturday morning bright and early the walls were washed down and Missi Hughes and Kathy Hagerty began carefully applying the yellow paint to hungry walls.  Nina and Brian Grimaldi were in charge of the floors…half painted half concrete, chipped and downright ugly.  With the walls painted the flooring went in and “oh my, what a difference a day makes!”

I was receiving updates all weekend long and couldn’t help but smile at the stages oftransformation.  From really ugly and uninviting (I wondered how they managed to work in it all that time without complaining….well there was a little complaining….but not what was warranted).  There was also the fear that things wouldn’t be back in place by Monday…..critical….as we are in the countdown for Wishes for Wildlife (this weekend) and a fear that the badly needed computer back up wouldn’t be back up for the last minute event needs.

But all fears were unwarranted and the crew led by Nina and Brian transformed ugly and gloomy to bright and cheery, and the energy level of the place reflected the success.  A huge thank you goes out to all involved but especially to Nina and Brian for their hard work and great vision.

I wonder what is next.

Don’t forget to check out Wishes for Wildlife this Saturday…find out more at

This Week at Liberty 04/25/2011

The intake total for the year now stands at 510.

The office make-over was accomplished in the face of the major fundraising event of the year being less than a week away and the continued onslaught of baby birds and animals. All this plus the normal medical emergencies and still, things were almost normal! The work always continues…

A drooping wing on a poor-will is examined by Donna.

The injured wing is wrapped.

Poor-wills and night hawks are almost always found on the ground – sometimes by choice, sometimes by accident. These well camouflaged little birds use their ability to blend in with the desert floor to avoid predators during the day. This little guy must have had a close encounter with something that damaged his wing slightly and he was lucky enough to be found by someone who thought enough to take him to a fire station in South Phoenix. The firefighters called the hotline and they called me. The lucky bird has a chance!


Baby barn owl.

Baby quail.

Saying his bedtime prayers…

Yes, the baby season is fully upon us. From the baby barn owl to the baby quail, to the tiny ground squirrel, all orphans get the care they need to have a chance to face the world as they grow and take their place in the Arizona environment, whether as predator – or prey.


A brand new arrival.

An early meal.

Two of the RTH eggs that we rescued from a nest earlier this season have hatched! The two tiny baby red-tails are as cute as can be – for future killers that is. They are fed several times a day and will soon be placed with foster parents in one of the outside enclosures to prevent human imprinting.


Igor and Sedona and their fosters. (photo by Nancy Lescault)

Speaking of foster parents, one of our owl team volunteers, Nancy Lescault, took this great shot last week of some of Igor and Sedona’s growing family of foster GHOs. Pretty soon, any photos will need require a wide-angle lens!


Another pretty peregrine.

Joanie makes another friend.

Not all the animals are orphan babies – this handsome little peregrine is currently under treatment for a wing injury – and possibly some foot problems.


An orthopedic sneaker?

This little dove also has some foot issues. His toes don’t seem want to grow properly so he was given a corrective shoe to try to solve the problem. So far, it appears to be working and his foot is getting more usable. Keep your fingers – er, toes, crossed!

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  1. Nina Grimaldi says:

    Thank you Megan for the recognition. It was a long 3 days of hard work, but it fun and very very worth it.

  2. Kathlene says:

    I honestly learned about a majority of this, but never the less, I still thought it had been useful. Fine job!

  3. Macco says:

    Hey, you’re the goto eexprt. Thanks for hanging out here.

  4. Tailynn says:

    Glad I’ve finally found seotmhnig I agree with!

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